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here are some notes that I took when reading some books in computer network. I hope it will be useful for you

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if you are interested on how a switch works, click on this link

it is simple to write a script that determine if the root is connected or not
after long researches I finally discover that it was very simple

to do that you need the UID of the current user and then compare it to 0
because the UID number of the root is 0. so I hope that you can finish the exercise we were given by the teacher know. GOOD LUCK

A tip for you 

did you know that you can perform arithmetic operations in your script using the keyword "let" ?

for instance you can declare an integer an increment it like this:

declare -i bad=0
let bad++
echo $bad will display 1  

le SWITCH assure la communication entre les machines dans un reseau local grace a l'utilisation d'adresses MAC. 

comment parvient-il à la realisation de cette fonction? 

i'm already there! so let us begin with interesting things
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