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(romance Rp)

Name: Lucy
Type: neko
Personality: funny, likes to play, is nice, likes helping others

Bio: has been living alone and has just broken up with someone and is afraid of leaving the house afraid to have my heart broken again so she stays home having her food and whatever else delivered to her door-
(Guy or girl is fine) (sorry if I did this wrong)
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Come join.

Name: the dark prognosticus.
Species: evil possessed book.
Age: infinite.
Gender: male.
Sexuality: i HATE relationships... wait... oh! nothing, cuz' i don't got no crush. but if i did it would be straight.
Weapons: my awesome face, possession, my mace, did i mention my awesome face?
Powers: pretty much every trick in the book.
Likes: cool people, my friends, arguing, SITTIN' ON THA TOILET!
Dislikes: jerks.
Personality: read summa' my posts, buddy!
Bio: i was a guy, then i got cursed (super lucky, eh?) and my soul went in this berk... translation: book
Killable: i wouldn't say so... maybe if you were as cool as me.
Theme: god/that creepy office guy
Status/Job: um.... RP? i do a lot of it

EDIT: i guess i could have a theme song... here's the preferred song link for your enjoyment!

this is an oc
Name: call me eight 
Species: lorien (this will be explained in my bio)
Occupation:run away

Hair:curly black hair 
Eye color:Brown
Skin tone: Light tanned skin
Body type: Skinny with toned muscles
Clothing: jeans and and a grey shirt

Personality:Eight is very playful and likes to have a joke he seems to treat everything with interest,curiosity and fun he is very easy going because of his lack of human contact because of him living in the Himalayas

Powers:enhanced physical strength (he is strong enough to throw a car door at a helicopter),speed (his fastest speed is 50mph) ,reflexes,endurance and durability, teleportation (he can teleport up to 200 feet), shape shifting (his shape shifting can go up to animals or mythical creatures),hydrolocomotion (he can walk on water),

Bio:Eight is one of ten children sent to earth after a attack on their planet lorien the main purpose of sending them to earth was for them to grow up and eventually find their way back to the planet to recolonize the planet eight was sent to earth with a gaurdian called a Cepan like all the other children he had to keep his identity a secret eight lost his Cepan because his Cepan trusted a woman and she betrayed them to the people that were hunting them down the Mogadorians after his Cepans death he trained his powers to the peak now being able to unlock is full abilitys without being held back by his cepan

follow.... i follow back

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I sit next to +Sol the Abomination​ as he lays fast asleep. I smile thinking 'he looks so sweet and innocent when he sleeps' I lean over and kiss you before blushing and laying next to you happily

Daniel walks out of a store hood up and eyeing everyone nearby, he backs into a back ally and works his way to his makeshift home in the sewers. He spots a few cops and ducks behind a wall as they stand on the street. (Open)

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Hi!So,we:'re just getting started.It would be awesome get get more members!Thanks if your joining!

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((Finally found time to make a profile))
Quote: Don't be limited by what others say, for you create your own limits.
Name: Daniel Kansen
Species: Human
Sexuality: Straight 
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Powers: Do you count an abnormally high Lung capacity and endurance.
Weapons: Two pistols and training in all forms of martial arts. 
Likes: Reading, Space, science, Mexican food, spicy food, Dogs, a lot on anime, NASA, and just America.
Dislikes: The law, being framed, parrots, plain food, bad Wifi connection (don't we all), and War.
Personality: Generally loyal, sarcastic, experienced, skilled,  independent, spirited, genius, a natural born leader and level-headed.
Bio: Originally a government agent for the U.S, Daniel had it all until his coworker shot and injured him in the lung. Being rushed to the hospital, Daniel was of course saved and was granted a large lung allowing for him to run and move faster. It came in handy for another few years until he was somehow framed for the death of a world leader and was set on the run. Now within the U.S. still, he runs from town to town and city to city to find a way to clear his name. 
Killable: Of course 
Theme Song: RUN by Baasik & BlackGryph0n 
Status: Currently on the run from every government in the world for being framed. 
Relationship: Girlfriend was killed by the government, single.

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New Quote: "This will hurt....a lot!"
(Insert saying here)
Name: Elsword
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Blue Typhlosion
Kin: Unknown
Clan: N/A
Class: Knight
Weapons: Great Sword
Moves: Flamethrower, Flame Wheel, Eruption, Thunder Punch
Mastery Levels
Sword: ~S~
Axe: ???
Bow: F+
Lance: F-
Bonds: None, open to all
Invisible Bonds: Merric (100%)
"He's a king of Caelum, man. Can't disrespect him, y'know."
Luka (60%)
"Well, he has blue flames like me so why not? Plus, I may teach him on swordsmanship."'
Looker (100%)
"Another king of Caelum. If I were to disrespect them, I would prepare my Great Sword for this!"
Personality: Hot-headed, kind
Bio: "Won't tell ya!"
Pictures: Elsword (As a Typhlosion), Great Sword held the human Elsword
(Based of the game, +Elsword that I really wanna play)
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Quote: Nothing is to childish for the young minded 
Name: Nebula "Nebi" Astilbe 
Age: 17 
Gender: female
Species: human
Sexuality: straight 
Likes: dogs, music, sitting, Faunus
Dislike: bullies, doctors, needles, cats
status: student
Weapon: Lyra and Vela; Dual switch blades that turn into hand size complex shuriken that act like boomerang when thrown correctly at things it comes back and she can grab it and then while its still spinning it can turn back into a switch blade.

Semblance/Special Ability: Freeze Frame; increase focus to the point that it seems time has slowed. it leaves the user somewhat dazed.

Personality:  Nice, quiet, out-going, talkative yet holds grudges.

Bio: Nebi comes from a normal hunter/huntress family. Nebi was told by her parents that she was to continue the family trend and become a huntress.

Killable: N
relationship: ^.^
theme song: Break them by Aero Cord (FT Anna Yvette)
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