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A Table top RPG contest

Hello there fellow designers!
This year, I wanted to start a contest myself. The Spooky Design Contest will start today and end November, 2nd. This is intended for table top game designers, both seasoned and beginners, and all in between, who love to bring their ideas to reality and have a little bit of challenge.
Obviously, some rules are to follow:

- The contest starts today, 12th of October and will end November the 3nd (EDIT:extended!) November the 9th, midnight (GMT-11). You have 3 weeks to work on something cool!

- The theme is obviously Halloween-related. Monsters, ghosts, murder, demons... everything related to supernatural beings connecting with reality and people is fine, for as long as it keeps being dreadful.

- There's a limit of 3000 words. This is about 6 A4 pages (210x297 mm or 8.3 × 11.7 in), or in other words 2 sheets (the reference font and size are Times New Roman, 11-12). Exceeding the limit by a bunch of words is acceptable, just don't stretch it too much.

- Be creative, bring something innovative to the contest. Make it something you didn't prepare beforehand.

- No hacks or additional material for other games are allowed. It must be a stand alone games.

- The language of the submission must be English.

The week that follows the contest will be for peer reviewing. This means that you'll vote for other designer's games. This process will be done through Google Modules, so the winner(s) will be immediately declared the day after the peer reviews are done. If you submit your work, you commit to the peer review process, too.

Once you're done with your work, feel free to upload it in PDF format to this google Drive folder:
Anyone is free to access and upload to the folder anytime, and read other's entries.

Have fun, and good fright... I mean, luck!

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Hot news here!
After this year's Epimas, I decided to publish my very last game, Dead Are Among Us.
As of today, you can grab it on drivethrurrpg!

NOTE: since the game is still under development, I guarantee free updates for everyone that buys it. Might be obvious, but I want this ti be clear.

Reviews are in

+David Miessler-Kubanek, +Clark Timmins, +Nick Wedig, +Adam Little, +Daniel Adams, +Ty Oden

Since not everyone followed the steps I have told in the contest rules, I was missing someone's emails. To avoid confusion and make a straightforward work, I just put another folder in the submission one where you can find a bunch of files with game and author names. Pick yours, read through it. For said folder, follow the link here:
Enjoy, and keep in contact with each other. Maybe someone offered help (I did it myself) or has shown more interest. Or simply you think you need a better explanation on the review - just keep close.
See you next year!

The final act: winner announcement (with a little surprise)!

Finally, we're done. I'm flattered that this little contest got so many people excited and interested. I'm incredibly happy that most of the 7 games made this race very tight. Not kidding, but +Clark Timmins was about to cast one important vote... hell, I'm already spoilering the winner!

But let me go first with the surprise! After asking the group, I took part in the contest too. Actually, +Jack Vice is just my alias: this way me being the organizer wouldn't be frightening anyone while marking my game. So Dead Are Among Us is my creation!

Mind also that marks were more evenly distributed through the entries - most of them are really close. I think this is because all of the games are awesome, and we are all cool game designers. Good job, fella!

So, I should stop chatting and put the results on the board, shouldn't I? And the winner is.....

The Sin-Eater by Swallow Song Games

I think is pretty safe to tag +Daniel Adams at this point.

For clarity, this is the whole ladder with the sum of the marks:

1. The Sin-Eater by Swallow Song Games 8
2. Tales by Candlelight by Ty Oden 7
3. Knockumbones by Adam Little 7
4. Dead are Among us by Jack Vice 6
5. Old Man Sea by Clark Timmins 5
6. Divided House by Nick Wedig 5
7. Face of Fear by David Miessler-Kubabek 4

About the reviews

This is very important: I have all the reviews, so I'll simply copy-paste them and send an email to the authors. I hope this is fine with you, but if you want me to do it differently, just say it!

A final word. Thank you, kindly. It has been a huge experience for me, and I hope it has been for you too. Writing a game is hard, making it work harder. But now please, don't throw these wonderful games in a shelf and forget about them. This is just the beginning: finish them, publish them. They're all worth both the time you already spent for them and the time you'll be spending, be it hours, days, weeks, or months. I'm hear to hear from you - the community will stay open for further updates. Advertise yourself in the group, we will be all happy to help share and play.
See you next year!

Thank you so much, +Giacomo Vicenzi for hosting the contest, and thank you to all of the other participants!
I had a great time designing The Sin-Eater and an even greater time reading through all of your entries! If any of you have other projects/websites/blogs I would love to see them.

As for me, if you're interested in more of my work, you can find me at I'm currently writing a game every month, plus larger projects that are released more sparingly. If you're so inclined you can get involved with the Just Press Play project and we can design a game together!

So thanks again, everyone. I can't wait for the contest again next year where I hope we get even more spooky scary games!

Finished and posted all of my reviews through the form.

Hello Spooky Game Designers!

+Clark Timmins, +Nick Wedig, and +Ty Oden, I wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure to read and review your games. I would be more than happy to discuss the feedback if there are any questions, etc.

Thank you and good luck!

There's still 3 days for the participants to review the games. It's surely enough time, but it's not much. I can't wait to declare a winner (or more) so... do your job, guys! ;)

+David Rothfeder, +Oli Jeffery, and all the other members of the community, please listen.
What I feared about introducing a game after assigning the peer review order has already happened: someone completed the reviewing process. Therefore, there's no good way to add David's game in the peer list. If I choose three of you to review his game and give him three games to review, some games will have more votes than others.
My idea: review David's game, add it in the Module's option but don't give it a vote. Yet let anyone who wants to review it, do it. That will make everything sound and round.
I accept ideas, I'm new to contest organizing, so there might be a good option to work in.

I recommend people to share their reviews if they want to, since the system hides them from you (and I'll disclose the statistics and results in the end). You can both leave them here, in the community, or message the author by email. 
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