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Sup guys, here's one of my recent youtube vids about the last day of school; feel free to check it out- have fun guys!

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Thats's my first 1k+ followers!! YES!!!

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Do you think +Mick Lunzer deserves more attention?
Hey, I circled +Mick Lunzer , and he circled me back! Mick, you've apparently mistaken me for someone who regularly posts insightful or amusing gems.

But if anyone isn't familiar with Mick or his troupe, The Danger Committee, you really owe it to yourself to check them out. Catch a show at the MN Renaissance Festival or pop over to to see what they've got going on. Did I mention that after their RenFest shows, they have a booth where you actually get to throw knives?

There are several ways in which we could start a conversation. One of them is: I ask you why you think you deserve more than one thousand followers.
You don't have to say something that is a reply to this very question, because we feel challenged when we are addressed in such a way. We tend to reply: Do you think I am not worthy?
And this is not my case. I have my reasons why I believe that each of you deserves attention.

24 members so far. keep trying.

Big great thank you for the invitation! Wish you a loveley day!

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hi.thank you for your invitation.have a great day and enjoy our music ,too you may like it
Iran Chrymez- Bia be Didanam ایران کرایمز-بیا به دیدنم

Hello, World!

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Many photographers publish their work today, including in my circles.
Some of them only have several hundreds of followers.
What do you think of this picture?

I don't work at a desk but the office in the factory where I work always ask me to help with their IT problems. It seems I know more about computers than the people who use them all day.
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