Hi Tony, My whole school would like to use the gradebook addon and the school will pay for it. Could you email me about the best way to go about making this happen as efficiently and smoothly as possible?

Is anyone else finding the attendance section glitchy? Last week and today, as I am completing the students' attendance going down the column, the previous student's attendance is being erased. Very frustrating!

Is there a way to print a report with assignments listed in order instead of divided into categories?

I purchased the full version of the GradeBook for Google Classroom. I went through the setup, completed the import, but the final average is not displaying. Can anyone tell me what I need to fix?

Hi, is it possible to sync a Google Classroom class with a grade book that is already in existence and contains grades (not from Classroom)? I'd like to import Google Classroom grades to a grade book that features assignments not from Classroom. I understand you can add those later to a Classroom grade book, but can you add Classroom grades later?
Thank you!

Testing out the app and so far I have to say it's been a lifesaver over this past week. My school doesn't have a grade system and this is making everything so easy.

I have a question related to quarters. Other than creating a new spreadsheet for every single quarter, is there a way for Grade Book to show quarters and calculate quarter grades? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Hey +Tony I'm getting this error when trying to create new grade books. I haven't had to create a new one since the beginning of 17-18 so I'm not sure what might have changed.

If you can get me creating books for the new year that would be greatly appreciated!

I'm looking forward to the next phase of our custom project too! Once I get these set up we're ready to move on it if you are.

Hi Tony,

I have 5 categories of assignments in my Gradebook, with respective weights entered on the 'Settings' tab. I expect to have up to 16 assignments in each category by the time the year is done.

On the 'Gradebook' tab, as I'm entering assignment marks, I see there is a box called "weight". I don't quite understand the purpose of this box if I have already selected the category and the category has a weight listed in the Settings. Can you give me some guidance here?

If I want each of the 16 assignments in a given category to count equally toward that category's percent of the grade, do I just put a '1' in that box?

Hello! I am looking into the lifetime license. Is there a way to get multiple subjects on one single report to email to parents? Or will it always need to be separate grade books and emails?

We are very interested in the lifetime option of this software.

When I import a Google classroom, it imports the assignments. What happens after that when I add a new assignment via Google Classroom? (In other words: Can I easily import all of the new assignments since the initial import? or, do I need to import at the very end to have all assignments import?)

I have tried searching for the answer, but am not seeing it, yet...

Thank you! This software seems incredibly feature-rich and yet easy to use. Great work! :)
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