A colleague is sharing their Google Gradebook with me and when I go to generate the Student Report, all the students categories populate except the last student on her Google Gradebook roster. How can I go about the student report for this individual student to populate?

Hi Tony, My whole school would like to use the gradebook addon and the school will pay for it. Could you email me about the best way to go about making this happen as efficiently and smoothly as possible?

We purchased full licenses and have yet to get the active links? And we have no phone number or email contact. Any suggestions?

How do I include a note on the report for every student in class? For example, I want to add in the Comment Section that Assignment #12 is still in progress. Do I have to copy and paste to each page of the Doc?

Is anyone else finding the attendance section glitchy? Last week and today, as I am completing the students' attendance going down the column, the previous student's attendance is being erased. Very frustrating!

I purchased the full version of the GradeBook for Google Classroom. I went through the setup, completed the import, but the final average is not displaying. Can anyone tell me what I need to fix?

Is there a way to print a report with assignments listed in order instead of divided into categories?

I actually have a question about Google Grade Book. First of all I don't understand why such an important and job-critical tool costs money. Second, how do I PERSONALLY pay for this tool but license for use with my school email account where we use Google Classroom?

Testing out the app and so far I have to say it's been a lifesaver over this past week. My school doesn't have a grade system and this is making everything so easy.

I have a question related to quarters. Other than creating a new spreadsheet for every single quarter, is there a way for Grade Book to show quarters and calculate quarter grades? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

When I create my grade book Column D I am not getting a final grade average. I noticed that most samples show that column to read "Final Grade (average)". Mine just says Grade and underneath instead of an average it says "No Grade". How can I fix? This is not worth the time if it does not calculate averages for me.
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