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Google Glass

While Google has already a history of mega success for being the most popular search engine online maybe since ever, its credibility still soars up endlessly as a result of some special latest innovations which have come to the surface evidently. For example, Google lately announced and released one of its innovative and amazing products known as ‘Google Glass’.


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I guess XE16 broke Rememory`s ability to pull up more than one result at a time and scroll through them?  For instance if you have multiple "grocery" examples it will pull up only the most recent.  Am I correct or is there something that I am missing.

Installed on XE16 and I see it listed as installed (package:com.mariux.rememory) but it's not appearing as an option after "OK Glass"

Just installed and here's my feedback from the first 5 minutes of use, i'm going to use it some more over the next few weeks. Grteat work!

1. After adding a memeory it displays it, but you have to swipe down to return to the glass menu or wait for the display to power off and then some. I think it should display the newly added memory for ~3 seconds and then return to the "ok glass" menu so you can give another command without having to touch the device.
1.1. There could be a progress bar at the bottom of the display to indicate to the user that it's about to close
1.2. If they tap before the 3 seconds passes the countdown stops and they get the option to "Delete" in case the voice-to-text did a bad job

2. If I add multiple memories with the same keyword and then recall on that keyword: It displays the last added memory for the set... but I have no idea there are more unless I swipe. I tink it would be nice to have a "1/3" in the bottom right corner and either a scroll bar at the bottom and/or a blue line on the right edge, hinting that there are more memories to view.

3. Rememory is to help you remember... but if you forget you added something you could have trouble sleeping for the rest of you life wondering if there is an item on the list you forgot you added :) "OK Glass > Recall all memories". If you are not happy cluttering the main menu with a 3rd option then "OK Glass > Recall memory > Recall all memories". For people with poor memories this will reasure them they haven't forgotten anything at the end of each day.

4. Small bug: If you get "No memory found" and tap, you have the option to delete it. This is an error message so should not be able to be deleted like a memory.
4.1. Maybe the rememory logo on the left is red to indicate it's an error screen and not a memory.
4.2. When you get this error, it should go away quickly so you can try again without having to swipe down
4.3. See 1.1 :)

Thanks for the quick update to get it working with the latest OS! Keep up the great work.

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New version of Rememory available, which fully supports XE16.

Before installing, please uninstall previous version using adb uninstall com.mariux.rememory

Grab it while it's hot here:

*Support XE16
*No longer supports Timeline cards.

It looks like XE16 Glass Update breaks compatibility with native development on Glass, in particular with Timeline management and Voice Commands.

Unfortunately Rememory relies heavily on those features, so development will take a pretty long time to regain all the features available with XE14.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

The current version 0.1 of the app doesn't work with XE16, an update is under development.

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Rememory is the first app for Google Glass for storing memories.

Using the voice command “Ok, Glass, remember this…” you can dictate brief text notes, and then forget about them: they will be stored in your Glass memory.

Then, when you need to search for a particular memory, you just need to say “Ok Glass, recall memory…” and then pronounce some keywords. Rememory will take care of searching across your previously saved memories and fetch the ones that contains the exact search terms you just provided!

Yes, just that simple. Remember and recall.

You can use it to store anything you need.

Let’s say you run out of milk and apples. You can just say “remember this, I need to buy milk and apples at the grocery store”. Done! Memory saved.

Then, at the grocery store, you can just say “recall memory, grocery store” or “recall memory, apples”, and Rememory will provide you with the previously saved memories in (literally) one second.

That’s Rememory for Google Glass.

Never Forget.

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