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Alright, it is 1 month until the communities 1 year anniversary, so as usual we will have a art contest.
Objective: create an original piece of art that represents this community.

Rules: must include the community name
Be your work

On September 22nd, we will Vote on the winner over the coirse of a few days

All art that was submitted in previous contests will be added again (unless artist doesn't want me to do so)

If not enough submissions then the contest will be canceled

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Fluffy chomper XD he is not pin or glue on this image,just finished to all srw the face paryt ! He need shaving amd ear done :P pretty happy with how he turned out even as fluffy as this ! Haha he is gonna be a cute grumpy d.a.d haha trying to follow all the rule..the only one bothering me is the hole thingny beetween front and back theet ._.

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Oh me goosh, I'm cool XD

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100 years of living in peace, but then...furries. Furries destroyed everything.

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If you don't get the Reference, Please Watch Spaceballs

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Sell ​​this werewolf

price 100 Dollars

Thx 😄

Thinking about getting a new name.


Why does it feel like I'm a wasted space for others I feel soo energetic and caring and then Boom I'm hit with Umm uncertainty and regret for talking what the heck is wrong with me.

Aaaaaand iiiiiiiii willlll alllwaaays be a potato is potato
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