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necesito este kernel E10_jbmp-jb-04_2.6.29.6 quien puede facilitarlo por que todos los link estan caidos

anybodyy over here sill using x10 mini?
list down some awesome roms on the world's smallest smartphone!~
and common we need developers to move on working again. samsung galaxy y gets updates eventuallyy why can't we?
i guess samsung is more popular than xperia that's the thing!

What is the best rom for xperia x10 mini pro? and stable rom would be really nice

Anyone got a working link for: nAa 06 Kernel

need it badly so i can get Pureslim runnning

Someone has/is developing a Lollipop ROM for the Xperia T3 with locked bootloader? System doesn't allow me to unlock it.

I will be very thankful if someone could share some information.

Hi, i want nAa kernel
from x10 mini pro

Please can U provide this file Kernel
icant find it all links are dead
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