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Also, I feel like sending out a shout out to the Grrl Power community for being something of an inspiration for her character. That comic is a lot of fun in my opinion and I'm always happy to see a team of super ladies just WRECKING things in the name of justice.
So I'm still hashing out Mona's look. I've said before but one of my artistic blind-spots is muscles and I'm trying to figure out different methods of drawing a rad-buff-chick without having her look like she has a problem.
Also I'm waffling on her hair. Not sure if I like the shaved-side or the one side just being shorter than the other. That's what sketchbooks are for.
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ZOMG! Please tell me that Pixel walks through walls! And frankly, striding through a brick barrier and shrugging off debris is close enough. I'm sure Sidney will get the reference.

The punchline for this one isn't spot on, but I liked it too much to give it up.

It bugged me that the Gestalt power had no effect on Sidney. But they never tried sharing Orbs. So the question is, does it have to be hands? Could they wear matching cutaway tops, stand back to back for skin contact, and be able to harness four orbs at once?

Halo 2: Combat Evolved?

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Another take on spiciness, from

For the person who was scorched by authentic Thai: when i was in California, there was a Thai restaurant run by first generation immigrants that had the following grades of spiciness: mild, medium, hot, tearful, choking, intolerable. I could make it to tearful there; this was hotter.

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OK Sydney, let's see you beat these guys in eating the really hot stuff - the world's certified hottest pepper, the "Carolina Reaper".

(There's a link at the very end to see their attempts to recover from their amazing feat in a separate video.)

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OK, here's the post-challenge video.

About 7:40 into their discussion of how it felt, they get several other people from their "staff" to try small pieces of the killer pepper (I suspect at least in part to get their friends to realize that their reactions were real and not staged).

I think their reactions, particularly the young woman's, are more revealing than the macho "tough it out" reaction of the original testers (even though they ate more).

My only suspicion that this may all be fake is that there is no "my G-d, I've been MACED!" reaction when they started cutting up one of the peppers to pass around.

Hint: I you ever decide to use a food processor to grind raw horseradish root instead of hand grating, get someone ELSE to open the food processor when you are done (and hopefully at least a block away).  Having made that mistake when preparing a large batch of fresh ground horseradish root for Passover one year, I will take pepper spay in the face before doing that again.

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Technical article: How Do You Scale/Score a Scoville?

Didn't realize there was a fan page, I'll post this question here, instead.
+Grrl Power   at what point in your comic would you consider doing a published hard-copy volume  of the strip, any team milestones or reveals you'd wish to hit before doing such a thing?
Additionally, any of you on this page, what do you think would need to be in a hard-copy to make it worth your while?
A death, perhaps?
 Just curious.
Oh, additionally, I really hope it's O.K. that I used 'knife-in-the-teeth' guy as my profile picture.
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