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WELCOME TO ALL MADDERS!!! (that's what i call my followers and people who join in my community's...Madders)

Chesire W Madigan
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Likes: causing chaos, shiny things
Dislikes: order, 
Appearence: black hair, gray skin, yellow cat eyes, long claws and sharp teeth, around 5' 10" 
Abilities: telporting, telepathy, shape shift
Bio: outcast 

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Name - Kazienikeh Crow Cheshire
NN - Kaz
Age - 15
Gender - Female
Relation - Cheshire Cat's Daughter, Friends with Adele (W. Queen's daughter) and Jane (R. Queen's Daughter)
Appearance - Blue hair, blue cat eyes, sharp grin with sharp teeth, shoulder gray sweater, Mood Necklace, gray skinny jeans with blue all stars.
Likes - Cats, trickery, Halloween, Frabjis Day, Trick and Treat, insane people time to time, sane people time to time
Dislikes - Dogs,  Sane people time to time, Insane people time to time
Abilities - Teleportation, can't feel pain, teeth turn sharp if danger is coming.
Bio - u already know
Song - Her name is Alice - Shinedown
Her Name is Alice - Shinedown (Alice Madness Returns Version)
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Ro was sitting on the porch was she heard something crash inside...i ran inside and looked in the living room, i saw two girls on the floor, with two staffs next to them...i grinned wide and took the staffs and made then disappear in thin air....i walked back over to the girls and floated in the air waiting for them awaken, i pull out a book and flipped over onto my back and started reading

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Name - Rin Cheshire
Age - Unknown
Gender - Male
Likes - Madness, tricking people, Music
Dislikes - White Queen, Sane People.
Appearance - Wears a dark gray jacket with black-gray jeans with a skull on it. dark gray all stars with roller blades that can flick out of the shoes in 3.2 seconds.
Abilities - Can disappear at anytime given. Grin ear to ear.
Eyes Change color for change in mood
Bio - Untold
Song - Her Name is Alice - Shinedown
Her Name is Alice - Shinedown (Alice Madness Returns Version)

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