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Species: Mortempterus imperator (Death’s wing commander)

Average Lifespan: Due to their cannibalistic nature and limited food supply during the day, young individuals can and will cannibalize on each other to survive. A number of them will only survive for about three weeks. Those that are fortunate enough to mature into adults will do so rapidly in a period lasting up to a month. The longest survival time of an adult was recorded to be up to 17 years in the wild, and an astonishing 40 years in captivity.

Appearance: Young instances of Moertepterus imperator closely resemble the Triassic pterosaur dimorphodon, but are far more terrestrially and boreally efficient, having longer hindlimbs and forelimbs for better ground navigation. Like dimorphodon and other small, primitive pterosaurs, they have long tails, which end in a spade-like tip. Having notably-flexible necks, the shape of their skulls and the length of their teeth are adapted to cutting and slashing into flesh, but their weaker bite forces prevent them from working well on their own. As such, the young and juveniles form massive, locust-like swarms that accumulate in the skies of HAXIX-8, known by visitors of the planet as “Death clouds.” Death clouds can consist of thousands upon millions of finch-to-magpie sized individuals of Mortepterus from different colonies, and these clouds are so large that in some areas, they block out patches of sunlight from HAXIX-8. Eventually though, individuals become too large and too vulnerable of targets to fly amongst the death clouds, and so retreat to their colonies in caves during the day as they mature into subadults, and eventually, adults. Because long tails limit the adults ability to fly, they are shrunk until they are barely visible as a “lump” with a patch of filaments. The adults, on average, grow to be about 1.5 meters tall with a 7-10 meter wingspan, but can grow to be substantially larger in certain cases. Their skulls possess more adaptations in relation to length and bite force to those of canids such as wolves and coyotes as a contrast to their younger forms, and as a contrast to the young, they are significantly more terrestrially-adapted, as their wing membranes do not stretch very far towards their legs, and they switch to a nocturnal style. Because it is cooler during the night, their fur is thicker and, to see better in the dark, their eyes are larger. As a consequence of being larger, adults cannot use teamwork as effectively, and so they operate in smaller hunting parties using tactics comparable to that of the spotted hyena and the African painted dog. Finally, adults and young live in colonies within desert caverns created by royal castes, which are far more ornamental than normal workers in appearance. King and Queen castes spend most of their time guarding and breeding, as well as feeding on the meat from killed prey and distributing it to the rest of the colony. Though it is not necessarily required that royal castes breed for the species to survive, as the “worker” adults under them can breed, it possibly lead to the success of their species. All individuals, regardless of age or rank, possess some covering of fillamentous integument similar to the fur-like pycnofibres of pterosaurs. Size can vary between worker females and females, so there is little determined sexual dimorphism within the species beyond that of the two royal castes.

Allegiance: As non-sapient animals without moral compasses, they seem to hold no allegiance to a specific faction, targeting whatever they deem as a threat and necessary food.

Abilities: Rapid growth, powered flight, complex morphology, advanced social behavior, hypercarnivory.

Customs: There are few actual customs or traditions that the species performs, as it is a non-sapient one, but immature royal castes will occasionally leave their host colonies to mate with other royal castes and start a new colony. In other cases, adult workers will be exiled from a colony, and form “rogue” groups. Lastly, to manage each other’s populations, nearby colonies will occasionally commit mass-genocide on one another in which one colony tries to completely snuff out the other. Even so, the loss of one colony is tame compared to the total global population, so only when all colonies have the tendency to do this does it actually prove to be efficient in self-regulation.

History: Brief paleontological studies of HAXIX-8 reveal that the genus Mortepterus includes two other known extinct species, and that several species thrived on HAXIX-8 before M. imperator evolved, and that HAXIX-8 was once similar to a global Savannah/rainforest mixture. Presumably, the animal evolved the way it did because it was threatened by immense competition between other species, and by becoming a species that hunts in large swarms and flocks, that it managed to outcompete most of the former apex predators. It became an invasive species and migrated to several landmasses, where colonies overtook rock and cliff faces to change them into caverns. Given their immense populations and combined social efforts, several other fauna on HAXIX-8 were hunted to extinction. A sufficient number survived, but a number of the survivors were non-native species that were formerly domesticated and became wild/feral over a period lasting at least thousands or millions of years. With the considerable losses in herbivore populations, the local plant life would experience a temporary spike in population, but with the massive death clouds created from juvenile and young Mortepterus blocking out sunlight in a number of areas, many of these plants died and became extinct, transforming the once-lush world into a global desert. Still, a few areas that remained untouched by the predators still exist as oases for local herbivores and predators.

Most other lifeforms that exist on HAXIX-8 do so because they have adapted to become incredibly tough and hardy, learning ways to cope with and even feed from the Mortepterus death clouds, while others only come out at night, being better suited to compete with and hunt the larger adults. As such, most organic races that do try to settle on the planet find themselves face to face with a perilous environment, and warn other travelers to settle there only as a last-resort.
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Name: HAXIX-8

Location: Orion arm of Milky Way.

Sun Count: 1 Yellow main sequence star (HAXIX-1). Notably larger than than our sun by A number of kilometers.

Moon Count: 2. One is a spherical moon near the size of Phobos, while the other is an irregular moon around the size of Saturn’s Hyperion. The spherical moon is far closer to HAXIX-8 than the irregular one, which orbits HAXIX-8 at a much further distance and thus has little effect on the planet’s conditions.

Climate: The climate of HAXIX-8 is equivalent to that of a global desert, having warm days nearly all over the planet, and cold ones at night. Though once a lush world full of Savannahs, grasslands, and tropics, the evolution of the planet’s current dominant predator, Mortepterus imperator, caused the sunlight to be blocked out in certain areas due to the massive clouds created by young and thus wiping out most of the native plant populations. While a stable number of plants still exist, there isn’t enough of them to sustain a large collection of various herbivores, narrowing down the number of herbivores which exist on the planet. Most consumers operate on a detrital food chain, in which meat and organic material is the primary source of food for all of the local organisms.

Sentient Inhabitants: While competition between lifeforms has not allowed for any sapient lifeforms to evolve on HAXIX-8, a substantial number of sapients have attempted to visit the planet, only to find themselves overwhelmed by the planet’s dangerous and formidable wildlife. It is a harsh world that even the Galra would be wary to set foot on. Most accounts from sapient inhabitants that managed to survive and escape the planet alive all report the same thing: dark clouds of small-to-medium sized winged creatures that overtook and consumed anything they could kill as a united force, and larger, anatomically-differing variations of these winged creatures that hunted in small groups during the night. This, of course, refers to encounters with swarms of juvenile and infantile M. imperator.

Resistance Status: Bearing no allegiances or sides, HAXIX-8 poses itself as a challenge to those who try and settle on it.

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Would Anyone like to do a Shallura roleplay with me?


Species: Zallmanin(s)

Average Lifespan: From 1 - 1,000,000 years. Every Thousand is like a year for them, which sums down to about a thousand 'months'.

Appearance: Zallmanins are always five feet to nine feet tall. They have semi flattened human like faces. They have either a long prehensile tail around three to seven feet long that curl up if not in use or a short stump that's about half a foot to a foot long. These tails are covered in fur and scales underneath, usually placed at the bottom of their spine. They also have long, animal like legs that lead down to paw like feet with pads and a thumb, like a monkey. Two arms and two legs as well. They weigh anywhere from 100 pounds to 170.

Allegiance: These creatures are under a leader like on Earth. That leader makes rules but doesn't make the people follow the religion even though a good chunk do. This religion is called 'Sqitlins', which ties into their holidays. Yes, a small few of Zallmanins have run off to join with the Galra. At young ages they learn self defence and fighting. They also speak their own language called, well. Zallmanin.

Abilities: They can climb easily if they have a long tail. The ones with the shorter tails are more aerodynamic on the ground, being used to having to walk. Both kinds have one thing in common, their fast and good at fighting.

Customs: They do have holidays, one like Halloween, called Chalmeen. Where they celebrate the day of their ancestors. They also have a holiday called Grimingston. Like Christmas, they give out presents and during this day, they choose the eldest teens and mark them as fully grown. They celebrate birthdays like humans though.

History: The Zallmanin have been around for billions of years, being a species that move from planet to planet. They've had many experiences with helpful colonies of other beings, befriending a lot of them. Before the Galra because rouge, they were close relatives to the Galra kind. Then they slowly branched off, leaving a few Zallmanins at every planet to make amends and send trades for their kind and the others. Their peaceful. But dangerous, the only war known to their kind is the Zarconic War. It was during the early years of their species, a civil war. It lasted only a few years before they agreed with peace. Later on, they got more and more advanced at technology, more advanced than the Alteans but not by much.

Some Zallmanin Concept Art-

what is up my dudes its friday!!

I have realized that I did not make a profile for Cell. So I may as well make one.

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(+Lance Mcclaιn​ :p)

"I-Im not sure I understand....please could you explain it just one more time?"

*Estella cocked her head to the side, her ears pricked up with curiosity.*

"humans....deliberately eat things that are harmful....for fun?"

"well, some do."
*Lance chuckled at her confusion and ruffled the aliens hair lightly, causing her to respond with a low, happy purr*
"I mean, I never did....but I knew this one guy who did, and he ate one of those tide pods and he but into it and it went EVERYWHERE, he was in hospital for aggges-"

"that....was meant to be an achievement?"

"I honestly don't know, Es. Now cmon, tell me about your planet! Please? I told you all about mine!"

"Lance, are you sure you-"

"yes!! I'm sure!! I want to know all about it! You said there were predators, right? Were they big?"

"w-well, i-"

"Estella!! Cmon, say it!!"

*his impatience made her laugh, her voice splitting into fractions. He smiled at that. Her laugh never failed to amaze him. She put her hand over his mouth, smiling brightly*

"would you give me a moment to speak before the next twenty thousand questions?"
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hi im new here and i need a friend or more to rp with

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Name: sofia mclain



Loves to draw and read, will do anything to get near garrison tech. Is very open and also loves to be alone. Will yell at you if you touch her equipment but will proceed to feel bad. Is single and looking for someone.

Message me on hangouts if you wanna rp with me my email is I will do any role play

Anyone wanna role-play if so you can play any character all that I ask is that you play Shiro
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