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[[ Hi !!
I was wondering if i could noodle in and take the spot of either Keith or Lance?
preferably Keith but yknow
thank you ! uwu 

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OC Profile

Name:Chardwin (char-dah-wen)

Age:12' In human years 16' in Gravin years


Orientation: Men who are mature and have power

Species: Gravin

Home Planet: Doesn't know

Allegiance: the moment

Main Transport: _Rides alone on her ship the "Apar"

Eye Color-Purple
Skirt attachment:Teal greenish blue
Shirt: teal blue


Skills:swordsman, can shoot a gun etc.

Biography: Classified... And very personal

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[Is anyone up for a roleplay? I don't have a set idea, but if you have one I'd be more then willing to roleplay it.]

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Planet Profile

Name: Erditaria (Er-dit-AIR-ee-a)

Location: Eridia Solar System in the distant edges of the Andromeda galaxy.

Sun Count: 2 suns, both held relatively in place by mutual gravity. Can sometimes appear as a single star. Both stars are rather large, one being a red giant and the other being a blue star.

Moon Count: 1, outside the rings of the planet.

Climate/Geography: Quite Earth-like, minus the rain. The suns aren't close enough to evaporate the water at the rate Earth does, and the planet can go months without rain. The water isn't as saline as the Earth's oceans, and is far more healthy and available to sustain the planet's life. The planet only has one continent; a supercontinent with a vast desert covering about half the surface area of the continent. Many temples are scattered throughout the desert, and are used to gain spiritual connection with the light. The outer edges of the continent are primarily forest, with everything being made to accommodate for the forest as opposed to the native dwellers.

Solar System: Most other planets in the system are either scorched from being too close to the suns, are gas giants on the outer edges of the system, or are gas giants mid-system.

Sentient Inhabitants: Erditarians, the Galra

Resistance Status: Recently conquered by the Galra.

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Most of the info here is from the Voltron Wiki so I'm crediting it for the profile and the art isn't mine.

"My name is Coran and I'm a gorgeous man!" Favorite Coran quote

Name: Coran Hieronymus Wimbleton Smythe or just Coran

Age: Over 600 Because of the time lap thing

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Species: Altean

Home Planet: Altea

Allegiance: Resistance/Team Voltron

Main Transport: Main "driver" of the castle ship

Appearance: Pic belowwwww

Personality: Coran is noted for being somewhat foppish, goofy, and very much a traditionalist. He is often forgetful that the current Paladins have different customs, diets, and behaviors, but is at his core a dedicated and kind man. Though he comes off as kind of a ditz at times, Coran is a man of great experience, and comes from family line which has served the royalty of Altea for generations.

Skills: Adviser to the Royal Family of Altea, Mechanical engineer There was more on the Wiki, but I didn't want to make him seem over powered..

Biography: Most of it isn't really known, only because he's been asleep for 10,000 years but, Coran's grandfather built the Castle of Lions 600 years before Coran and Allura's 10,000 year stasis.
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Hello! I'm new here.. And since I saw that Pidge has been taken If fine with it, don't worry!, is either, Coran or Lance open? I feel like the admin would be able to RP them the best. ^^

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Species Profile

Species: Balmerans

Average Lifespan: Unknown, assumably around 70 years old.

Appearance: Muscular, reptilian beings with yellow eyes and pale green skin. Males have long tails that can reach the ground, while females have shorter tails and can be seen with white earring-like objects around their ears. They also have small, black horns protruding from the lower jaw.

Allegiance: Team Voltron

Abilities: The Balmerans are able to sense vibrations from touching solid objects, and are so skilled with this ability that they can send messages to each other with outstanding accuracy and speed. They are also adept at transferring Quintessence to the Balmera to allow it to grow crystals. Balmerans also have amazing physical strength, as seen when Shay carried a Battleship-class crystal by herself.

Customs: The Balmerans are very family-oriented, and do not believe in abandoning the Balmera, even upon its death. The things they hold the highest in value are family and the Balmera.

History: Balmerans have been known to help foreigners with obtaining crystals, and were suppressed for thousands of years with the conquering of the planet by the Galra. Recently, the Balmerans were freed from the tyrannical Galra rule by Voltron, and have since become valuable allies to the Paladins.
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Name: Pidge Gunderson [Katie Holt]

Age: 14 years old

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight

Species: Human

Home Planet: Earth

Allegiance: Resistance/Voltron

Main Transport: Green Lion

Appearance: Provided in the form of pictures

Personality: Pidge can be described as a technical genius, and is more than capable of quickly learning how to operate advanced alien technology. She is also an intensely private person, often needing some measure of personal space and has a hard time bonding with others.

Pidge is excitable, curious, and playful in her personality. She cannot keep herself from fawning over and playing with any new tech that she can get her hands on, as was the case when she kept playing with Rolo's cyber unit, Breezer. Pidge is in constant awe of the amazing sights around her.

Pidge certainly embodies her Lion's elemental affiliation of the Forest: constantly adapting to her surroundings, sustaining and protecting the people around her, and is able to thrive in even the harshest circumstances.

Skills: Pidge is the team's Inventor, stealth and infiltration specialist, computer specialist.

Biography: Katie's father and brother were lost on a mission to Kerberos, a moon of Pluto, along with Shiro. Refusing to believe the official report of their deaths by pilot error, Katie began her unrelenting search for her missing family. After being discovered hacking into Galaxy Gerrison computers, she was escorted off the property and forbidden from ever returning. To further her investigation, she went undercover as a Galaxy Garrison cadet by the name of "Pidge Gunderson" and cut her hair and donned glasses to disguise herself as a boy. Infiltrating the Galaxy Patrol, she wound up assigned to a team with Lance and Hunk.

[Most information is taken from Wikipedia. Other knowledge is taken from my brain.]
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