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Tape walk's though the forest his head down low for the spirits had not been talking to him he was saddened by this for this had never happened before he was almost back to the the kingdom and crossing a old bridge not paying attention his foot fall's though the bridge and as he try's to pull it out the bridge start's to break under him giving a shriek he fall's into the river and falls under the ice the current throw's him right into a rock where he fall's unconscious and drifts down the river

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Name: Tape
Territory: Ice Kindom
Species: Cat
Age: 11 months
Gender: Male
Weapons: Teeth {He was declawed btw}
Rank: Spirit Talker
Pack: None
Members: None
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Siblings: None
Mate: None
Children: None
Other Family: 
Likes:  Being alone , The Spirits
Dislikes: Talking , Fire
Personality: Shy , quiet , loner , angry , depressed , nice , smart , funny 
Dreams: blackness and the sound of ticking 
Skills: Speed , strong spirit , 
Apprentice: None
Mentor: None
Bio: Unknown
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Name: DarkFlame
Territory: Red flamed kingdom
Species: Flame Cat
Age: 1 year
Gender: Male
Weapons: His flame tail , teeth , claws
Rank: In training 
Pack: None
Members: None
Mother: Lavaflame
Father: flentfeather
Siblings: None
Mate: None
Children: None
Other Family: Unknown
Likes:  Fire , hot stone , 
Dislikes: Rain , water , family 
Personality: Kind , fierce  
Dreams: Nothing much 
Skills: Controlling flame's 
Apprentice: None
Mentor: Open
Bio: I never met my father my mother died by a fox that was in the blue kingdom i always lived alone in the kingdom i never really liked talking much.

May i be a spirit talker?

Ice kingdom
Ice Phoenix
Looks like a blue Phoenix
Her bio is unknown
Weapons are everything cold
Dreams none
Lots of things are unknown.
"I may be cold but I'm serious about leading my clan,unlike those people"
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