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Guardians of the Galaxy Episode3-2 Japanese Subtitles
translated & edited by NICK STRIFFER

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『翻訳者 ボランティア募集中』
Hi, nice to meet you. I joined the community because I do translating & editing for my Youtube videos. Most of my videos are games with out Japanese subtitles and I translate them for my Japanese audience for free.
Which is fun doing but hard work too.
I'm not a professional and some times I don't have the time to translate all my videos. So I'm looking for some volunteers who are interested in translating. English to Japanese or Japanese to English.
Here's a footage of one of my translated videos.
Check it and if you are interested in translating my videos.
Please contact me. Thank you for your time.

The way it goes is.
1. I will send you the video file with English sub on it.
2. translate them and after that you can send me the text file
(For Example: Open Office. If you have a software for typing)
After you send me the file successful, I will copy paste them to my pre-edited video and I will put your name as Translated by "your name"
If you don't want people to know your real name it's okay to use a nick name. But not too long or abusive name. Thanks.
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