I feel like perching my account here just to view posts. I like mythology quite a lot!

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Monster Review: The Crawlers from The Descent movies!

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Name: Kraken
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Species: Giant water dragon.
Personality: extremely territorial, grumpy, yet still willing to help if needed
Bio: Kraken is the stuff of myth and legend among sailors, wherever he goes, tales of sinking ships and disappearing submarines follow. He has the uncanny ability to change the size of his body from the giant size depicted below, to the size of a small lizard that would fit in your hand.

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I am out helping two close friends/very talented artists to promote their name. Help us build a small business to create more jobs to bring more beautiful artwork into the world.

Each print is signed and numbered by the artist. They come with a certificate of authenticity. Prints are high quality Giclee Canvas protected by a special coating that makes it water and scratch resistant.

Tiem for character

Name: Lucas H.
Age: 26
Likes: Wildlife
Dislikes: Most everything
Bio: Born in a small town near the woods. At age 5 his mother died in a car crash. At age 16, his father was brutally murdered. His rage drove him mad. In high school, he had an outrage, and went on his own. More to be revealed in roleplay.

+Purple Guy 

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aradia sat on a tree branch looking out for something nearby when she spots you and smiles

Hello !! ^.^

Spectrum: lays down on the cold ice of the Ice Narrows Day four.... Still no food and no one in sight....

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Name: Vandala Doubloons
Age: 16
Species: Pirate Ghost
Friends: River Styxx and Porter Geiss
Style: Nautical Yo-Ho Bo-Ho Chic. Flowing silhouettes remind me of bow spray on the open sea and a fair wind in my sails.
Special Flaw: Arrgh, this is so embarrassing, but sometimes I get seasick... I'm a ghost - how does that even happen?
Favorite color: Sea Foam Green
Favorite Food: Fish and Crypts
Pet: A cuttlefish with an eye patch. Aye, his name is Aye!
Favorite Activity: Exploring uncharted areas of the deep boo sea, Ye never know what new lands you'll discover or what treasures you'll dig up.
Biggest Pet Peeve: When a ghost can't make a decision! A captain must be decisive, so either give me an order to carry out or give me the helm and let me steer.
Favorite school subject: Ge-Ogre-phy. I LOVE maps, especially the ones where " X " marks the spot.
Least favorite school subject: Drama. There's no room for it on the high seas.
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