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Name: Ruby the wolf
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Wolf

Killing zombies
Being in quiet areas

Losing to Anybody

Weapon: Pistol
Secondary: Bat

Observant, Sweet, Risky and very active
Back-story: She was defending her families homeland after the apocolypse came about now she is set out looking for survivors 
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Does anyone want rp

+Blake Lynch​ I walking towards the back of the abandoned school, because I heard something that draws up suspension, I pull out my colt 1911 and my combat knife and slowly walk towards the back I turn the corner and u...

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Name: Atom
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Likes: To Kill Zombies, The marine core, 4x4's and off road vehicles.
Dislikes: (Hates) Zombies, Terrorist, and Race or Gender supremacy groups. Along with domestic violence.
Backstory: I was in the USMC Reserve. I was hanging out at the bar when the outbreak happened, I was with my friend who works there but was bitten and I had to make the most hard hitting choice to either kill her and end her suffering or just leave her alone just to suffer. I chose to kill her. Her name was Amy. Now not only do I still wear my dog tags but she had a pair as well...That I wear with mine on the same chain. I still have memories to this day about my decision...but I know that her soul is set free.
Weapon: Scar-H w/ ACOG sight, suppressor, bayonet and with tactical flashlight/ strobe light combo.
Secondary Weapon: Colt 1911 with Reflex sight and suppressor
Bladed/Blunt Weapon(s): Serrated combat knife and a Aluminum baseball bat with welded on sharp spikes.
(The 1st picture is a picture of Amy. The 2nd picture is me.)
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Anyone up for an emotional rp, where my character dies? You have to be the strong silent type that actually cares when I die

I was exploring an old mine shaft when the ground beneath fell through, causing me to tumble 200 feet, breaking my leg, and knocking me out....days later you come to the same mine shaft and find me; still unconscious, you then....

I'm exploring an old medical center in Tallahassee Florida, I'm on my own scavenging and you happen to see me, but I haven't noticed you yet, you....

Will do reposts.

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Name: Khol "Primula" Stevens
Species: T-Rex
Gender: male
Likes: guns, groups, jobs.
Dislikes: broody, blackhearted people.
Backstory: Before the apocalypse he was military police, now turned a dangerous hitman for food and shelter.
Weapon: keltec sub 2k with laser
Secondary Weapon: .40 handgun laser flashlight module
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(Using my other character)

Ricky and his buddy were sent on a mercy mission to bring food water and supplies to the outskirts of the city, when they realized there was a wall there, odd...

Ricky- Hey, Josh get over here!

Josh- Is that?.... wow...
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