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Should i delete this community?
I haven't been posting and other people ain't, i also just feel like this just backfired. Tbh idk what I'm doing in my life so ya.
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goes to the forest and forms 100 rainbow flame orbs around the area +Shusho Saki Yamazaki Lets throw down 

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walks in the arena anyone wanna spar

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Name: Kura Akuma


Appear: 16

Race: Demon

Gender: Male

Weapons: Little Red riding Duel swords and Black & White Demon

magic: ~
Cryo Bomb Generation: Create bombs/explosions of ice/cold.

Expanding Ice Bolts: Project ice/cold that expands rapidly on contact with an object.

Formulated Ice Blasts: Release blasts of ice/cold in a form of a creature or object.

Freeze Vision: Emit ice/cold from one's eyes.

Frozen Surface: Cause surfaces to freeze.

Hand Blasts: Release ice/cold blasts from hands.

Ice Ball Projection: Create and launch spheres of ice/cold.

Ice Beam Emission: Release beams of ice/cold.

Ice Blast: Release ice/cold over a specific target area.

Ice Bolt Projection: Release low powered projectiles of


Ice Breath: Discharge ice/cold blasts from mouth.

Ice Bullets: Fire in short sequence over a wide area.

Ice Infusion: Empower and energize anything touched or used

(usually a weapon) with ice/cold.

Ice Wave Emission: Send out a wave of ice/cold that repels everything.
Missile Generation: Create missiles of ice/cold.

Obscured Attacks: Channel attacks through a medium.
Omnidirectional Ice Waves: Send out a wave of ice/cold in all directions.

Reflective Attacks: Release attacks of ice/cold that can bounce off of any surface.
Scatter Shot: Release ice/cold blasts that split into multiple fragments.

Sword Beam Emission: Release ice/cold blasts from swords and other such bladed weapons.

Wave Motion Blast: Launch a massive wave of ice/cold.
Zap: A tiny short release of ice/cold to cause pain or discomfort, usually too low-powered to be destructive

have a secret magic
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Name: Liz Moon
Age: 15
Magic: shadow magic
Likes: the color black, turtles, pizza
Dislikes: spiders, depression, the color pink
History: daughter of the kingdom of the South kingdom. I took the thrown cause my sister ran away or something leaving me as Queen. I make sure that we have food ext. I hope to be bravest Queen ever. 
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Hi there! I'm Rosalina. Iim a little crazy, and very introverted. I'm 17, and my hair color changes with my mood because of a spell.

My dad left when I was a kid, but I don't like to talk about it. My mom died when I was very young. I think I have a little sister somewhere but I'm not 100% sure. I had to bring myself up, and because of that, I think deep, but act like a child.

Star Sign: Capricorn
Moon sign: Libra
Magic: unknown, but it came from a witch.
Likes:Bands, Blood, and toys
Dislikes: Most People, Being bored, and Anything "Fake"
Favorite constellation: the phoenix.
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If you haven't made a account yet please make one soon and please share this community to your friends cause I think we need more people that might be more active then I am

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Name: Neon O. Yamazaki 

Race: Demon/Angel

Age: 1,650

Things To Know: Hair Color changes due to his mood, King Of Hell, over protective, Haves a Darkside which is under control ( Void Is the darker side )

Appears: 16 


Flames~ White,Red,Blue,Purple,Black,Green,Orange,Gold, Rainbow,Pitch Black,Grey, Dark Green, Acid

Ultimate Burning~ Burn anything instantly turning it into ash

Crystal Magic~ .-Able to form anything form Crystals 

Sword Valkyrie~ Able To Control Millions of Swords

Darkness~ Dark Manipulation

Light~ Light Manipulation

Lightning & Thunder~ Blue,Yellow,white,purple 

Mind Control~ Able to control peoples Mind

Soul Linking~ Connect to peoples Souls

Phase Shifting~ Phasing (Only able to be used 5 times in a match)

Place Swapping~ Able to change places with anyone 

Inscription Magic~ Able to form any Inscription any where


Weapons: Special Blade + Dark Staff + Scythe 
(They Consumed Souls )

Rina = Staff
Shizuko = Sword 
Nytari = Scythe 


1st Form: Zettai tōsei~ Gives into to his demon side and becomes one with darkness destroying everything in his path

2nd Form: Space Demon~ After being trained by the Jushindo (A space Demon tribe) he has been able to access the powers within space

 3rd Form: Dāku Enjeru~ Dark Angel mode is when Neon fuses his Demon and Angel modes together to unleash a new magic 

4th Form: Themas Flux~ able to control the  light and darkness in magic itself 

Cube Armor: Sōru Enjeru~ Part of a secret society then embeds a cube into your body to boast you magical energy, the cube grants his every wish


Companions: Neyo~ My pet Cerberus that can turn into a human 
Nariko~ My demon servant by contract

Likes: Fighting, Cake, Tea, Hell Wine, Spiderman

Dislikes: Everything Bad, Cocky people, Annoying people and Maggots 

Bio: spotlight beams down on me as I grab a mic Well my story begins in Heaven Satan and my Mother which is a Angel had and affair and I was born not long after I came 1 more child came which are my little brothers Shusho, Kura came years later takes a seat on a random bar counter sipping on some fresh hell wine Me and Shusho grew up without a mom cause she died..Satan raised us and repeatedly did experiments on us trying to remove to Angel side of us...After failing countless times he gave up and trained up to become King when he falls, just recently me and my friends in our council took down Satan because he was getting outta hand.. Epic greek music plays as the spotlight fades an narrator appears Narrator: In the death of their fathers death to two young princes Shusho and Neon Became KINGS...With Shusho as the Undead King and his elder brother Neon as King of Hell they rule the Underworld together Neon is just more in control, Since he runs hell himself spotlight reappears beaming on me again, I have a crown and a golden flame lit smirking 

{ I`ll Show My Weapons and Stuff when I make the posts for fighting and etc } 
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teleports into the Arena Come on little brother smirks Show me how strong you`ve got stands in the middle of the arena  +Kura Akuma 

If you would like to have guilds i don't mind at all just give me a heads up first though. We might also have a competition on who is the strongest but different categories though for their are people who have demon magic and ext.
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