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Start map.

Spain +Catalan Mapper​​​​​​
UK +Chemical Warfare​​​​​​
USA +Jerry Gunner/Enclave​​​​​​
Lithuania +StriKer Jake​​​​​
Germany +Texas The Texan Ball
Austria-Hungary +Some Mapper Dude
Bulgaria +Baltic Mapper​​
CSA +lieutenant Dixon

The united states has declared war on both Germany, and any of it's allies. The u.s is also helping there southern brothern protect the border in extange to end the long lasting hostel border with the c.s.a

Germany declares war on Mexico

This is meant to be a letter from a united States soldier in the trench's in 1918.

Dear mom

I've received your letter in the mail today, and I'm happy to hear that everyone back home is doing fine. You need not to worry about me, everything here is fine. Im in a quite sector, well as quite as a place of war can be anyway. Old Fritz keeps to him self most of the time so in return we keep to ourselve, though there is talk about us going over the top soon. I'm not worried about it though, the German's seem to be getting tired of the fighting. After all they don't get new men for there trench's as we do. Fresh boys arrive in our front lines every day. They're saying we out number them by a lot now. They're also saying the wars endind soon, the Germans have no more men, and no more supplies there war effort is slowing down tremendously. So i at be returning home to you soon.

Sincerely Dylan

Mexico, would you like to be allies? I will give you 3 CSA states.

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Name: German Empire
Army: 2.5 million
Economy: Great
Alliance: Dual Alliance (axis)
Allies: Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire.
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I'm switching to Germany

After an ambush on C.S army units by the Mexican army. The CSA has declared war upon Mexico.

After hard war Timelord has died

The UK trains hundreds of squads of stormtroopers. Stormtroopers can be able to swarm an area easily fast.
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