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Name Cortez
Age 23
Height 6 ft
Weapons model 44 suppressed smg and m6 socom pistol
Race human
Spartan armor ODST grade standard issue
Bio joined the ODST hell jumpers and is leader of the 105th squadron
And lost our chief petty officer Spartan 141
Anime halo legends
Game none
+Forgotten Person​ is this good?
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Cortez is walking down the street and people sometimes ask if I'm cosplaying but i just ignore it when I accidentally bump into you (open rp and to +Forgotten Person​ )

Rp anyone?

I think it'd be cool to get this community together in a game of some kind, ideas? I was thinking minecraft attack on b-team, but i'm guessing not all of you have minecraft

People you got 24 hours to make a profile before i make a post of all the people who need a profile i am trying to me this community alive

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Name = Dante
Gender = Male Nephilim
Age = 26
Lives = Japan
Straight, Bi Or Gay = Bi
Status = Single
Personality = Sweet
Yaoi or Hentai Roleplay = Both
Weapons = 2 Pistols and 1 Sword Rebellion
Family = Vergil but hes dead to me i hate him i dont see him as my brother no more
Game = Devil May Cry
Anime = Devil May Cry
Powers = my hair becomes White and everything around me flies in the air and i get red demon Devil eyes

I am searching for a boyfriend That can treat me nice and loves me for what and Who i am Who wants to have a Relationship with me Let me know ok Alright i am tired of Being single i dont want it anymore i want to be loved by someone That exuatly cares about me i dont want to wait anymore please someone anyone love me...

who wants to roleplay with me let me know and add me as a friend ok greets from me ^^

Kyoya is walking around the mall, marking prices of various items into his notebook (open)
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