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Hey there so my kids have started their own YouTube channel - centred around their favourite bear, called 'Bonson'. Do have a look, it's a great project for them to get involved in.

They have learnt so much about basic storytelling, how to use a camera, edit, sound and poster design work.

I do encourage you if you have kids to just give it a go and make something, anything.

I think the valuable thing that comes out of this is that both their confidence and and creativity gets sparked.

Also they learn that they can and should do creative projects, that they don't need anyone's approval or permission to do this.

They also stop caring so much about what others tell them and what others think about them or their ideas and just go out and have fun with it.

Hope you enjoy, if you feel like


then that's equally great, here's the link

Season 2 is on its way.

Thanks, hope you're well.


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I've been busily working away on these set of short form life coaching animation YouTube videos - it'd be so great if I could get your feedback on these.

As parents I'm sure we want our children to be able to make their own way in life and have the confidence and judgement to make decisions that will empower them. That's why I've decided to go for 2 to 3 min animations.

If you are able to give me some feedback on them that would help me make better videos to share with families, especially those with children who are starting to figure out how the world works and how they can make their way in it.

Thanks so much, hope you're all well.

(obviously all 'Likes', 'Shares' and 'Subscribes' on YouTube are greatly appreciated :)

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Dino puzzles for kids

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Hey, there, thought I'd share a short film that I made with my kids over the holidays - it was a lot of hard work making a film with kids aged between three and six, but it was such a rewarding experience.

The kids learnt so much, not just about the filmmaking process but valuable life lessons about

- teamwork
- listening to each other and
- coming up with ideas and solutions

hope you enjoy the video - please give it a 'Like' in YouTube, it'll help push it up the rankings.

If you'd like me to do a full write up on my blog just let me know

Thanks so much.

Enjoy :)

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