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Andrei Seluanov's findings which he presented at our conference last Friday have now been published.  This Nature News article

"Simple molecule prevents naked mole rats from getting cancer"

is a nice summary.

Robert Gatenby, Moffitt Cancer Center: Evolutionary dynamics in cancer therapy

Andrew Read: The evolution of drug resistance: curious orthodoxies in antimicrobial chemotherapy

Joao Xavier, MSKCC: Convergent evolution of hyperswarming in experimental bacterial populations

Susan Rosenberg, Baylor: How bacteria and cancer cells regulate mutagenesis and their ability to evolve

Paul Turner, Yale: Specialized and generalized evolution of cancer-related RNA viruses

Robert Beckman, Onco-Mind & Daiichi Sankyo Pharmaceutical Development: Next Generation Personalized Medicine Strategies May Lead to Improved Patient Outcomes

Joel Brown, UIC: Using evolutionary game theory to define, understand, and treat cancer

Ruth Hershberg, Technion: *Cancer is associated with 
pervasive positive selection on globally 
expressed genes*

Aleah Caulin, UCSF: The Elephant's Solution to Peto's Paradox: Go Forth and Multiply TP53
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