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The enemy unleashes his fury among the survivors of Ashlouis, Albi must ensure the survival of his company.

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The Lord Commander must decide between the fate of his friends or the fate of his people...

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A great destiny lies in wait, a bloody battle shall be waged and from its ashes a new age shall dawn. One Crown & Two Thrones : Book Three - A Tale of Two Queens: Summe - Begins Now!

Thrones of gold and wings of old.
Ancient God to ancient foe.
For two kingdoms shall arise and swiftly fall.
Upon Heiden’s stone,
Traitorous blood shall spill.

Under the stars and timeless trees,
Her eyes of gold and feet so bold.
Cometh she,
Gentle Queen of Aeon.
Bearer of Beren’s stone,
To claim the heart of Gabriel’s blood.

Beware he which walk with troubled soul,
Under wings of death and heart of woe.
For he shall wield a blade of green,
To fell the princely doe.

Follow Celestines destiny across the universe! -

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I have received so much support over the last year, have experienced so many opportunities, that I now have the chance to expand my content creation journey. Check out today's blog to find out all the details.

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Another weekend indie author review! This time around I reviewed Fly by Night, the sequel to the urban fantasy, paranormal heist thriller, Playing with Fire. For those who are fans of the genre, check out my review. This sequel took everything that was great about the first book and made it better! And the authors took a bold chance by changing the point of view from which its told from. Should you read it? Check out the review and decide for yourself!

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A young girl age twelve embarks on an epic adventure to find answers to all the hidden questions surrounding who she is and how she came to be. She is innocent and selfless in her pursuit for answers and the truth behind her mysterious white hair.

50 Free book giveaway limited time remaining Enter now for your chance to win!

Running with Wolves: The Aurora Chronicles

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Just finished my newest fantasy art piece.

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Hey everyone. My name is Tonya, I've been writing short stories for years, but recently acquired a love for writing sci-fi/romance stories. This is a link to my short story; Extraterrestrial that was published online. Read. Enjoy. Share. Thanks!!

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Hi all, if any authors are looking for cover art please check out my website for fantasy and sci fi illustration.
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