What up what up every one how are you'll 

Hey everyone how are you'll doing 

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you were a newbie in the force well police force not star wars (lol) okay so you were new you had to take certain test and do certain courses to see how good you were and what places you can be surprisingly you made a 100 on all those test and got to be second in command you got a police car and badges

you were once invited to a ceremony and witch you went in your uniform were the head cheif bafford.l was the cheif he was a cool guy but was serious like all the time and never smiled around anyone he announced that everyone has earned there self a new badge on their uniform agent.brons stood up and got a badge

agent.aleveraz got a badge to so on and so forth when you came up you got a raise and a new badge _chief: good job second everyone started clapping until a giant explosions happend people running and crying and screaming everyone got done and screamed all the cops went out and got there guns

there was guys with rocket launchers and ak-47s you were out numberd by the number of criminals y'all started firing at them they just stood there and one of them threw a gernade at y'all agent bronds- gernade! he puts his front body on it and the explosion mutes down but agent bronds is dead the explosions got closer to y'all and y'all tried to cover it was useless

a person comes out woch was me and I had super suit full black and I had two blades on each hand I run into the crowd of criminals slicing and dicing killing them all and they all fell when my blades came back into me and I stack them up and sigh (???)- do your job and be the hero alright cops become famous I don't care just don't say y'all saw me or your dead I run on the walls into the night cheif- who the hell was that?!

you reply....

((first pic is you))

[ second pic is me]

((This rp will contain some blood and gore and some language but not really, this so far were I left off is adventure rp but it will soon change)) ((rules- be descriptive and have fun no text talk like "u y r ur" all that stuff please I don't want the to to get messy and say in the comments "deadpool" so I know you read it all thanks))
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Name:ken uchiha
Likes:training,night time,being alone(sometimes),missions
Dislikes:bad guys,evil,maddra,
Abilities:sharingan,wall running
Jutsu lightning:chidori,thunder clap,thunder storm
Jutsu fire:fire phoenix flower jutsu,fire ball jutsu,fire dragon jutsu,fire storm
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I searched "Jasmine the pony" I cringed, but this pic isn't all that bad!
It perfectly describes me! If I was a pony ID be the daring, danger-loving, crafty pony!

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Ohhh idk maybe just an example of

Thanks +Lucy Heartfilia​ for the invite. ^-^

http://forums.thetechnodrome.com/showpost.php?p=1449331&postcount=344 (Mystee's)

http://forums.thetechnodrome.com/showpost.php?p=1489768&postcount=352 (Kenny and Benjamin's)

^My characters x3^
(Mostly use them in tmnt, but I can use them in other stuff, and tweak their history if needed for those RPs)

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Who goes to cele middle school I do
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What is that a school
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Name: Kyuro Oronatchi
Age: 16
Gender: male
Status: Permanent neko
Likes: the dark more than the light
Weakness: lots of light
Powers: light control(clap twice, light goes away*pitch black, clap once, light comes back), blue lightning strike

I'm sitting on a moonlit cliff waiting for someone, it's getting lighter and lighter out, then you see my silhouette, and investigate. When you get there...(insert RP name and gender, and what you did
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