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Here's a Doc with some nice pictures to see :)
by the way, don't try to copy them somewhere else
Yes, I did hand draw them and put them on the Doc. :D
I'm so proud. XD

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Quote: Better Days Are Near
Name: Cloud
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Vaporeon
Personality: Shy
Likes: Swimming
Dislikes: Nothing
Siblings: None
Story: My Mother Wanted Me To Evolve Into A Leafeon But I Didnt And She Banished Me And Now I Live In The Ocean And Lakes If You See Me Ill Swim Away
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Cloud Was Swimming
(Open RP)


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This is great! It goes along with the theme very nicely.

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It's Melody! :D

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So I know I want to make a Flareon profile but I can't think of any good names... Can anyone help? I'll credit you if you want me to

Name: Ember Puff

Nickname: Puff

Eeveelution: Flareon

Type: Fire

Gender: Female

Level: 27

Likes: Being correct, idea of equality

Dislikes: Being told she's weak, answering personal questions

Relationships: None ((Yet))

Personalities: Puff had two personalities since birth.
1st: Energetic - Most frequently seen. Bold and present to be around. Able to make new friends easily. Puts her friends first and works hard to make sure everyone gets along.
2nd: Flirty - Can be triggered by almost anything. This personality is sly, cunning, and very romantic.

Moves: Quick Attack, Ember, Fire Fang, Fire Spin

Bio: Puff was abandoned by her young trainer at a low level. Her trainer was filled with joy when she saw eevee could evolve from a fire stone. She evolved puff immediately but was very unsatisfied. Flareon was too weak for her so she abandoned Puff without a second thought. Puff was heart broken but refused to give up. She trained day and night for weeks and ran back to her trainer but by the time she got there, it was too late. Her trainer had already moved on and evolved an espeon she cared deeply for. Puff bolted into the forest and cried for days. She now fights determined for equality no matter the level or the Pokemon.

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This is Ribbon!
 Drawn by me!

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Hey guys! I was thinking about this but would like to have your opinions :)

Should we have leaders for every eeveelution? (Please vote! Voting will end after winter break!)
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Yes! We need to have a leader!
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No! No one should rule the eeveelutions!
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