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Name : Hiro Hamada
Age : 14
Gender : Male
Likes : baymax,tadashi
Dislike : callaghan,evil

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Name: Violet Parr
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Powers Force field generation and invisibility.
Weapons: Force fields.
Likes: My family, friends, listening to music, reading fashion magazines, and helping those in need.
Dislikes: Dash's mischief, villains, being in danger, and being unnoticed.
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walks through streets with my katana on my back hmph
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 Name: Maverick Wilson/Mech Age: 155 (due to sleeping in a hyper space pod for 133 years but I still look 22) Gender: Male Friends/companions: all my friends died of age while I was sleeping in my life expansion sleep pod. Weapon: Tesla rifle called the pacifican lodestone and my suits strength. Skills: smartest scientist and deadliest powered fighter in my time of years. Looks: Affiliation: Savior but threat at first due to lack of knowing this new state of earth. My PL is 6,500 with moveset of being able to copy any enemy I see after up to 5 months of battling them.  I'm the first super human/cyborg ever born and i am self taught. Hello my name is mech I am leader of M-army aka mech army. incase you don't know Mech stands for Mechanically engineered complex heroes and the mech soldiers are androids or as some say robots. These androids are not just any androids they are a powerfull army that can destroy the universe if they wanted to. luckily I lead them and teach them whenever they need it and lead them into the biggest battles the world has ever seen. I have lived from 2015 to the near future of year 3250 due to sleeping in a sleep pod and I have lost many friends and companions but gained new ones aswell in this time...I have lost my week old newborn son and my wife sarah during a enemy attack of the VOID army and they were crushed under a falling buildings pillar. I have also lost my right arm and eye and my left leg while my heart is fatally radioactive and so I made my mechanical right arm and eye and mechanical left leg and made my strong suit (the one in my profile picture) and so I am the worlds strongest cyborg super soldier and army leader. end transmission

Thanks for the invite

Thank you for the invite.
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