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It’s important to inspect your brakes regularly and look for these signs of trouble:

A.) Muddy brown colored brake fluid means it is old and has absorbed water. It needs to be changed, especially if the brake light is on.

B.) If you hear a high-pitch squealing or scraping noise when braking, have your brakes inspected as soon as possible.

C.) If you hear a grinding metal sound when applying the brakes, you could be damaging the rotors and drums and definitely need to have your brakes checked immediately!

D.) A brake pedal that feels soft or mushy when pumping the brake may indicate that there is a problem with the brake hydraulics. A pedal that sinks all the way to the floor may indicate a brake master cylinder problem. Either one is an IMMEDIATE inspection issue!

E.) If your car pulls to the side or if the brakes pulse when braking, you could have warped brake rotors and/or drums or problems with the hydraulic system.

For more tips on benefits of Brake Service, Repair & Inspection, visit:

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Brake Pad & Shoe Replacement
Brake pad problems can usually be identified by squealing brakes. If your brake pads deteriorate completely, you'll hear a grinding metal-on-metal sound when braking, meaning that it's too late and you're ruining your rotors or drums! Those with knowledge of auto repair may be able to fix this at home, but you should always see an auto repair professional immediately if you have brake problems.

Disc Brake Pads and Drum Brake Shoes:
A disc brake uses fluid (released by the master cylinder) to force pressure into a caliper, where it presses against a piston. The piston then squeezes two brake pads against the rotor, forcing it to stop. Brake shoes consist of a steel shoe with friction material bonded to it.

How It Comes Together:
When you first step on the brake pedal, you are triggering the release of brake fluid into the system of tubes and hoses, which travel to the braking unit at each wheel. You actually push against a plunger in the master cylinder, releasing fluid. Brake fluid can't be compressed. It moves through the network of tubes and hoses in the exact same motion and pressure that initiated it. When it comes to stopping a heavy steel machine at high speed, this consistency is a good thing. The performance of your brakes can be affected when air gets into the fluid; since air can compress, it creates sponginess in the pedal, which disrupts consistency, and results in bad braking efficiency. "Bleeder screws" (located at each wheel cylinder) remove unwanted air in your system.

Bad brakes display warning signs for impending brake maintenance. For example, if your brakes squeal or grind when in use, then your brake pads may be worn and require replacements. If your vehicle pulls to one side when braking, then this may point to worn brakes, a malfunctioning caliper, or low brake fluid in the brake lines. If your brake pedal presses down too easily—also known as “spongy” brakes—then this may be an indication of too much air in the hydraulic brake lines. Sometimes, your vehicle’s electronic diagnostic system will alert you to a potential brake issue by a service indicator light (see below) on the dashboard. While these are only some of the most common signs of potential problems with your vehicle’s brake system, noticing these signs of faulty brakes and seeking out a brake service can save you money down the line. Our mechanics in Redmond Washington are trained in maintaining and servicing front and rear brake systems and all accompanying brake system components like brake pads, brake shoes, parking brakes, rotors, drums, and hydraulic systems. If you experience any of the above signs or symptoms of bad brakes, like unusual squealing or grinding noises, then contact us online at: or call us today at: (425) 882-0630 to have your brakes inspected immediately. Contact us for Brake Service today

A car without functioning brakes is dangerous. In many cases, warning signs will tell you if your car's brakes may need service.

Bring your vehicle to Autosys inc at 18018 Redmond Way #19 Redmond, Washington 98052, we can diagnose and fix the problem to get your brakes working again. Schedule an appointment to have your brakes check at: or call (425) 882-0630

Autosys, Inc. of Redmond WA. is a family owned auto repair shop servicing cars and light trucks, foreign imports and domestic vehicles for the neighboring towns of Carnation, Fall City, Woodinville, Kirkland, Sammamish, Issaquah, Bellevue, Snoqualmie, North Bend, Monroe and surrounding communities in Kings County Washington. We are located just East of Hwy 520 on Redmond Way.

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