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Dana Wright is the star guest of next week's Visual Thinking Hub business hangout! She will share her business insights that will help you build and grow your visual thinking practice.

If you are an entrepreneur or solopreneur or wish to be, this business hangout is a must for you! Dana will share insights then will be open for questions. 

You need to be a VTH member to be on the actual hangout (one of the 10 people that can participate live), but it will be broadcast live here on this event page. The link to that broadcast will be embedded to the event 15 minutes before the time of the event.  I will be monitoring comments here during the hangout. 


Make sure to join the Visual Thinking Hub to continue the conversation. The VTH is the most active, innovative and technological community of visual thinkers.

Our focus is a business-oriented and practical one, and not purely artistic.

Its purpose is to explore together cutting-edge tools and resources, learn, and network.

The VTH is international, and open to all types of expertise, cultures and languages.

Go ahead and join our Facebook or Google+ communities, add yourself to the Business Directory, and read our blog.

We also organize virtual hangouts every two weeks.



With 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Dana Wright’s consulting practice focuses on strategy development, employee engagement, and change leadership. She works with internal and external teams as a collaborator and process design partner. Dana strives to change the conversation by “super-sizing it” on large paper so people can see their hopes, dreams and actions and really enable them to take action.

She is COMMITTED to her clients and works hard to create engagement at every stage of her process. This begins when she first meets her clients. Dana is playful in her approach and serious about outcomes. She works collaboratively and interactively with our clients throughout the process so at the end of the day, the client feels as much a part of the success as she does.

Dana has a masters degree in Organization Development, is a certified coach, and a published author of the book We’ve Got to START Meeting Like This! and is working on her 2nd book about creating engagement to change.
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