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Max was born with the ability to rewind short periods of time and Warp through time using photographs, however she can only do small increments or she suffers physiological damage to her brain.

Ignore the Sherlock bit, it's obviously doesn't count here 😃
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Too Young, Too Rash, Too Inadvised

Theme: Friends and Lovers -Beecake


"Blah, Blah, Blah.... God, I hate your voice now."

"This city has taken everyone I've ever loved... I'd like to drop a bomb on the UK and turn it to glass..."

• First Name ~ Megan
• Meaning ~ from Latin Margarita, which was from Greek μαργαριτης (margarites) meaning "pearl", probably ultimately a borrowing from Sanskrit मञ्यरी (manyari).
• Middle Name (Optional) ~ Maxine
• Meaning (If there's a middle name) ~ derived from Latin maximus "greatest".
• Last Name ~ Dawkins
• Meaning ~ unknown


"The name's Megan, but my friends call me Max, or at least they would if I had any..."


"Just hit eighteen a few months back."


"Real life femme fetal."


"I don't give a rat's arse honestly."


"Australian mate. If you even think of talking about roos and wombats, I might put a bullet in your eye."


"I self medicate a lot. But I like music too."


"Bloody pigs always chasing me."


"I owe a lot to Sherlock Holmes. He got me out of a death sentence."


"My little brother, Jack, still lives in Sydney, and mum's dead. Dad's real dead...made sure of that."


"Don't really have one."

Romance Interest

"Gimme tattoos or a nerdy geeky attitude."

Appearance: Charlotte Free
• Hair ~ bubblegum pink
• Eyes ~ blue
• Skin ~ very pale
• Tattoos (Optional) ~ elaborate tribal tattoos across her arms, a Triskelon on her collarbone, sketch style moon cycle on the back of her neck, and a pentagram on her left hipbone
• Piercing (Optional) ~ navel piercing, double lobes, industrial cartilage, a septum piercing, and an eyebrow studio
• Height ~ 5' 5''


Spunky and rebellious, Max's personality is a pretty direct result of her traumatic upbringing. She is very withdrawn and introverted, though acts as if she hasn't a care in the world. Fiercely loyal and occasionally violent, she is known for her sudden temper. Despite this, she is a genuinely kind and empathetic person.

Bio/Back Story

As a child, Max and her brother, Jack, we're violently abused by their father. Max generally took the brunt of it, both physical and sexual. By age sixteen, after Jack received a rather severe beating, Max shot her father with an old revolver that she had stolen from an antique shop. She was immediately sent to prison, where her bother contacted +Sherlock Holmes (The Consulting Detective)​​and with his assistance, she was given only a two year sentence. After her release, she moved to London, hoping to make it big. Sadly, she has become homeless and often beds in a shelter. She has developed an addiction to heroin and occasionally will give Sherlock information about things on the case, as well as go undercover for him.

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Name: Veratia Cale

Mutant/normal: Mutant

Age: Looks 18, is actually 25.

Power (if mutant):  She's...a unique Shape Shifter. The only way she can change into other Humans/Mutants/Animals is if she ingests some of their blood. When she does, however, she becomes that person/animal in their entirety. (People/Animals she has: Her Father, Mother, and Sister, all Human)

Occupation: Author, Artist, Tattooist (For those who she knows well/can trust).

Personality: Her Personality depends on who/what she is. When herself, she is loving, caring, and kind. She can also be ruthless and harsh, depending on who she's around.

Family: None -- All Deceased. (Might change, depending on what happens in an rp)

Weapon: Her Power, nails, teeth, and plastic pistol. (Specially made for her by her father)

Bio: Veratia, for the first five years of her life, lived with her family. She was raised to be kind, to treat others the way they wanted to be treated. That was before she decided to...experiment on them. Gathering a bit of their blood, she had done some tests, before accidentally putting them in the hospital due to trying to make them immune to poisonous household items. She went to the streets after that, only to be kidnapped by G.E.M a week later. For fifteen years, before she escaped with others. She went to her family afterwards, after finding out they were healthy again, only to drink a little of their blood. In a fit of anger the next day, she had killed them, though it was a quick death for them. She lives, trying to fight the pain every day, putting on a mask of happiness.

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Name: Myllie Stillwell

Species: Mutant

Age: 26

Powers: Mind reading, ability to see things most people miss, and recreated scenes in her mind (see the past)

Occupation: Police detective

 Personality: Sarcastic, yet kind when you get to know her, and bad@$$. She is the kind of girl you wouldn't want to cross.

Family: All dead except her little sister, Parker (+Lanie Bradley ) But Myllie believes he dead.

 Bio: Myllie was the first born of a poor family. Her mother died after her youngest sibling was born. Myllie never forgave her father for leaving her and her two brothers and baby sister.  The government found them and brought them to G.E.M. Myllie was separated and  told her siblings died. After the experimentation, Myllie managed to escape. She struggles with depression because she couldn't protect her family.
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Name: Matthew Holland

Mutant/normal: Mutant

Age: 22

Power: He can control any fire and shoot it out of his body. His body
can take in extreme amounts of heat.

Occupation: Revolutionist And Highschool Student

Personality: Funny, Nice, Outgoing, Loud, Truthful, Thoughtful, Though, Fond of alcohol

Family: None

Weapon: He uses his own powers

Bio: Matthew has never had the best of life. He had trouble acting right in school. He always had trouble not getting into fights with the other students. On one day he was driving home from a late night therapy session when a drunk driver ran a red light and crashed into his car. A cigarette bud from the dashboard of his dads car landed inside some gas that set the whole car on fire. No one involved in the accident survived. No one but Matthew survived. The doctors said that any normal human would have burnt up and died. G. E. M heard of his story and decided to take him in and run experiments on him. He learned how to shoot fire when he was put in an environment of extreme coldness. He had to warm up his body if he wanted to survive. Eventually he broke out and took to the streets. He showed people his power and they called him a freak and shamed him. He was taken in by The revolutionists and shown comfort and respect. He now fights for the freedom of all mutants.

((I hope this works Thx))

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Name Emmaline Dawson
Age Mid 20s
Mutant/Normal Mutant
Power Telekinesis and anything related with water and wooden objects.
Occupation Doctor, Revolutionist
Personality Kind, Intelligent, Quick thinker, Polite, Brave. But never hesitates to set her rivals on fire. Sometimes becomes too much upset or angry because of her symptoms of schizophrenia.
Family A cousin +Allison Bonham
Weapon Her powers, a small French knife which she always keeps in her pocket.

Bio Emmaline and her siblings were adopted by G.E.M. after the death of their parents. Due to too much radiation of radium, both of her siblings died after a few years during an experiment. The authority convinced her that it was an accident and being a little girl, she thought the same.
She grew up to be an intelligent mutant and a doctor. The authority decided to make her work as doctor there. But she never liked to experiment upon others and soon discovered the truth about the G.E.M. She secretly began to help +Allison Bonham, her friend +Grey Williams and the other test subjects. When the authority got aware of it, she craftily managed to escape from there and after a short while, the rebellion took place and finally, they were all free.
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Name Allison Bonham
Mutant/Normal Mutant
Age Mid 20s
Power Shapeshifting and energy absorption through touch.
Occupation Psychiatrist and Revolutionist
Personality Polite, Friendly, Observant, Quick thinker, Fast learner and Brave. She can turn into the opposite at the blink of an eye and never hesitates to raise her voice against injustice.
Family One cousin +Emmaline Dawson
Weapon Her powers and a small French knife hidden in her pocket.

Bio Allison lost her parents at a very tender age. She and her older brother were later, adopted by G.E.M. for research and experiments. Her brother died due to immense torture for not listening to the authorities.
At the age of 16, the scientists discovered that some lipids inside her body respond abnormally whenever her skin comes to contact with any material and her cells can divide and turn into different ones, causing to change her appearance. They researched further and she proved to be an energy absorber and shapeshifter.
As Allison found out about her brother's poor fate after becoming an 18 year old, she began to rebel against the authority and caused a number of chaos in order to break free. After a lot of efforts and plannings, she, along with the other 'mutants' rebelled against the authority and broke free. Currently she is a psychiatrist who helps other mutants whenever needed.
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Anyone going to RP?

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Name Grey Williams
Mutant/normal mutant
Age 18
Power Anything to do with ice, snow.
Occupation Revolutionist
Personality Nice, shy, calm, friendly, clever.
Family One brother +Peter Williams
Weapon Just my power
Bio I was raised in an orphanage and adopted by G.E.M when I was 13. They experimented on me by putting nitrogen in my blood stream without killing me. By doing this, I was able to freeze things I touch and create ice.
I joined the rebellion to escape and was relieved when we did.
I never about my brother's existence, but eventually did meet him.
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"So I was thinking we could....Agh! Stupid firewall. Nothing serious but you should probably start running, no explosions but there are a couple guys heading your way."

Name: Timothy "Intel" Burrow

Mutant/Normal: Normal

Age: 17

Power: N/A

Occupation: High School Student

Personality: Sarcastic and witty, although Intel is a smart young man he can often get off topic quite quickly and is terrible in a close combat fight or any physical activity. He prefers being indoors next to a computer helping the rebels, providing hacking support from a secure position.

Family: His mother (Martha Burrow) who is a engineer and widow of her husband who died due to this fatal disease.

Weapon: Not exactly a weapon but is usually seen wearkng a headset earpiece.

Bio: Growing up in New York, Timothy attended a private school at a young age and enjoyed working on the computer until his father died at the age 15 which lead to his mom being unable to pay for private school so he was moved to a cheaper solution of public school. Gaining the name Intel, short for intelligent by his classmates but provides actual intel to the rebellion through his excellent hacking skills into the G.E.M database.
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"Our powers are unpredictable, it is important that unstable mutants stay in their towers until we fully understand your potential."

Name: Elizabeth "Eliza" Abraham

Mutant/Normal: Mutant

Age: 28

Power: Invisibility and Telepathy

Occupation: G.E.M Operative

Personality: Appearing ladylike and having an overt prestige, Eliza may appear to be a pretty face however she is manipulative in both the physical and social field of life. She's not a horrible person but prefers to have a world of order rather than chaos, having little trust in other mutants.

Family: Has a husband whose a G.E.M scientist and is human.

Weapons: Equipped with a stun gun powerful enough to knock out a fully grown adult as well as a pair of handcuffs that are designed for mutants.

Bio: Being one of the earlier projects of G.E.M, Eliza is a perfect example of gene manipulation as she was a test subject at the age of 19. Fusing her genes with the ability of a chameleons camouflage (though evolved during the process to become better) and advancing her nerves in her brain to be able to connect to others. Eliza is proud of what G.E.M is trying to accomplish and looks on the brighter side to their experiment, it's better than dying of this disease.
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