Hello All just say hi and seeing how people is been doing??

Ladies and Gentman school is almost out just like 5 1/2 Days left!!!!!!!! :D

Question of the Day: 5 More days till Spring Break do you guys have anything planned for spring break?

3 more day till the weekend YaY!!!!! :)

Question of the Day: Did anyone enjoy their Christmas Break i forgot to post this last week?

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To all the young women out there! You are all amazing!!!

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My mom shared this awesome story in Mia Maids! This happened in my Dad's home town!!

In a small no man's town in Kansas, there was a preacher who chose to give a sermon on anti-mormonism. He mentioned some names of some members, including a set of female 15 year old twins.
He told the congregation that these girls were horrible people, he said that hanging out with them was basically a path to Hell.
There was a boy in the congregation who happened to be very interested in one of these girls, he had asked her out and she had told him she was only 15. He had gotten to know these girls very well, and had gained a hight level of respect for them.
This boy stood up and told the preacher he was wrong. He said, "They are the most virtuous, wholesome young women I know." And he left the congregation.

After sharing the story my mother said, "I want you to think, would someone stand up for you? Have you lived in such a way that someone would stand up for you?"
It was so amazing!
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