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This is COIN, a credit-card-sized breakthrough that reduces the clutter of multiple cards and make handling cash more convenient. It allows you to swap from card to card and even store gift cards inside its ultra-thin design. 

COIN makes its debut on the market next summer. For now, follow the link to experience its simplicity and usefulness.

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Each day we are edging closer to a future that was predicted in movies, media and other pop culture mediums. Of the many phenomena, automobile transportation was at the center, and in this piece we have another insight into what that future would look like, with driverless cars.

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Healthy sex is linked to a healthy body and mind. The exploration of multiple positions might help your intimate moments please both parties. As you search for your explosive niche here are some potential positions for you to consider..

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Whilst statistics justify why there is doubt that any serious technological breakthrough can emerge from Africa, the Guardian has recognized 4 Ghanaian geniuses who use the odds in their favor to contribute to the growth of mobile penetration in the country. In this article, they share their take on the numerous challenges they face and opportunities they build on for a brighter future.

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Twitter can expose you to new, fascinating and useful knowledge as long as you follow the right accounts. Mashable has compiled a list that can transform your timeline into a platform for informative updates.

Creátures motivate with their oratory.

Success. As we begin our week again with another Monday morning, how do we label a successful day, week, month, year? 

Ambition. Do we have a gameplan everyday, that is geared towards our goals, or a philosophy to abide by, to guide us to where our ambitions reach? 

Mr. Agyekum Addo, Founder of Kama Group, provide us with his guidelines...

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No such thing as impossible: Creátures get things done.

With the Zambian government desperately trying to curb HIV infections, by encouraging male circumcision, an almost impossible task.

A Zambian woman, by the name of Precious, manifests the hurdling innovation, protective pants!

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Creátures stand out.

For the better part of these past two decades Rwanda has stood out to the world as the example of catastrophe and suffering. But today it stands out for being the for-runner in environmental policy, surpassing not only fellow African nations, but notable Western countries such as the US. 

An article that highlights the adverse effects of the plastic bag, and promotes advocacy for its banning and removal with scrupulous policy implementation and nationwide support.

Here is Rwanda standing out, for all the right reasons...

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We give ourselves permission to think outside the box. Creátures..a bit more creative than your typical nerd.
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