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Rey:Welcome to the dead zone See what you can do to survive you can try the safe zone but it will all go to hell so you can run but you can't hide Try to outrun
the dead so you think you can survive?

walks around looking for survivors HELLO!!! Anyone here?!!

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Hi im Natsumi well it's great to be in a community so yea Hai

I have awoken in a hospital strapped to a bed.
there some one next to me, they say ive been in a coma.

Sophia: stuck in a tree house with a very large group of walkers ands was bit

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"Yang. We have a lot to talk about."


First Name: Raven

Surname: Branwen
Xiao Long (When engaged with Taiyang)

Age: Unknown

Height: 5'10

Weight: (126 lbs)

Birthdate: Unknown


Previous Spouse: Taiyang Xiao Long

Daughter: Yang Xiao Long

Niece: Ruby Rose

Partner: Summer Rose

Brother: Qrow Branwen


Previous Affiliation: Beacon Academy

Previous Team: STRQ

Occupation: Huntress

Previous Partner: Summer Rose


Face: Not many people have seen Raven's face, as it is quite usually covered by a... Suspicious, mask. Why is it suspicious? Well, it's almost identical to what resembles the face of a Grimm...
The few people who have somehow managed to see past that mask, will know that Raven's eyes, for one, are a bright red - similar to Yang when she's been enraged. Her complexion is extremely pale - contrasting her jet black hair. Despite all this, what's really surprising is how young she looks. She even appears to resemble a young adult of sorts, despite being in her late 30's.

Clothing: Raven wears thigh length boots, which appear to have a crimson red splatter on them. Her dress is black, consistent of a short combat skirt - overlapped by a feather boa of sorts, and a red 'girdle-belt'. Around her neck, around five necklaces are laced around it, with many beads surrounding it. Both of her arms are incased by a pair of red and black gauntlets.


Summary: At first impression, Raven appears the mysterious, silent type. She refuses to talk unless it's necessary, along with rarely taking off her mask - as said before.
Raven often comes off as cold hearted and harsh, due to seeing the world in a 'every man for himself' kind of way. Despite this, she appears to have a soft spot for the helpless, and willing to defend those close to her - but, as the word 'helpless' applies, only when that person is absolutely defenceless.
On the inside, however - oh boy, here come the stereotypes! - Raven does care, surprisingly. Just... Not exactly as much as others... To put it simply.

Mannerisms: Fairly formal, which is surprising, considering the way her daughter tends to speak.

Humor: If Raven were to smile, who knows what other weird stuff might happen that day? However, Raven does seem to have the slightest appreciation for jokes about Grimm...

Secrets: Raven left the Xiao Long household due to a strange feeling something was going on there she didn't like. Therefore, she made up an excuse, and ran away - in order to become an even better warrior than before.

Pet Peevs: Raven can't stand people complaining about how their life is 'difficult'. In her opinion, that was their own fault.

Confidence: Confidence is an understatement, as Raven has so much confidence, some may consider this arrogance. However, due to usually being quiet around most people, very few would know this.

Lifetime Aspiration: To have one day rid the world of Grimms.


Semblance: Raven's semblance allows her to create portals of sort with her sword. She has the ability to control where they lead to, as long as the size - however if she makes the area any larger than five squared metres, she will most likely collapse mid battle. The longest she can keep a portal up is for two minutes; including transport time. If for whatever reason the portal is put down while the object/person is still inside, it/they'll end up potentially being trapped in space.
Despite this, it cannot be used to pull enemies into an abyss of sorts, as it doesn't have some sort of pull to it whatsoever. She mainly uses it for transport, and as a shield, making certain projectiles just fall through.

Weapon: Raven's sword is a melee type weapon, which seems to have the blades of six different dust elements, similar to Weiss Schnee's Myrtenaster , but with two extra elements. The colours are as follows:

Green: Wind
Cyan: Ice - Formed by wind and water dust
Red: Fire, Raven's preferred element
Dark Blue: Water
Purple: Gravity
Yellow: Lightning

Fighting Style: Raven's practically silent during her battles, the only noise coming from her being anything apart from her own voice. The way she fights, has it's similarities to Neo's fighting style - despite the armour she appears to wear.


During her time at Beacon, Raven was in the team STRQ, along with Summer Rose, Taiyang Xiao Long, and her brother - Qrow Branwen. At that time, Summer was her partner - much to her dismay, mainly due to not wanting a partner in the first place.
Raven would constantly scold the other's whenever they stepped out of line, despite not being the leader. She had a very.... Precise, eye for perfection. However, this partly resulted in the team graduating with flying colours.
According to Qrow, they were the 'coolest team to every graduate from Beacon Academy'.
Some time in her early twenties, Raven got married to a member of her previous team, Taiyang Xiao Long. They also had a child, who appeared to dramatically resemble Raven, whom they named Yang - after
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Name:Ruby rose


Personality: quirky but serious in battle

Strengths: good in combat and is very trustworthy

Weaknesses: brashness gets me in trouble and I can be a little hard to listen too


Sophia:it's been a day I should have turned I hope kit is alright I wounded if there is anyone living

Name: Doctor Boring
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Skills: Hunting Zombies and combat
Likes: Hunting
Dislikes: Zombies, Dumb People
Weapon: A shield and 2 swords
Dead or Alive: DOOMED!!!

Sophia:*was bitten and was bidding in a shed and there were zombies surrounding the shedd* its been 5 hours I should have turned
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