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Name: Cece Jones
Age: 15
Gender: female
Likes: drawing, popular girls, junk food, Halloween, Youtube, Netflix, anime, PIZZA
Dislikes: sports, people with no common sense, school food, creeper guys
Bio: i don't know..
Crush(optional): Kyle
Bf/Gf(optional): no one
Favorite class: art
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Name : mikaya Anderson
Age : how does this even matter? 15
Likes : boys, being pampered, getting what she wants, herself, getting the attention, and etc...
Dislikes : Brussel sprouts, enimes, not getting what she wants, loners, losers, and nerds
Accessories she likes to wear : dresses, headbands, high heels
Personality : rude, sarcastic, fast, and picky
Race : cat
Biography : nope
Friends :open
Enimes :open
Rank : popular
Boyfriend : open
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Blonde girl
Name: riley
Gender : female
Likes: being outside, being funny
Dislikes: hate and yup nothing else
Single and friends with Lucas and brealla

Age: 16
Gender : guy
Likes:anything that involves him
Single and friends with brealla and riley

Brown hair girl
Gender : female
Likes : guys, being cute,
Dislikes:jerks, cheaters
Single and friends with riley and Lucas
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Name: Angie Collens
Age: 12
Likes: video games, Science, MLP, Minecraft, Youtube, Books, Music, and Fashion!
Dislikes: War, Bullies, and Swords
Bio: I am a girly girl. I am generous and kind. ( Thats what my friends and teachers say.) I love fashion. When I grow up I am probably going to design clothes. I like helping others. Sometimes I laugh weirdly. ( If thats a word.)
I have a youtube channel called Purply Prooductions And I love writing!
Crush: Peyton meyer
BF: Nope
Fave class: Science. (Why not?)

Indigo: ( sits on the bleachers and starts to read Grimm)

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Name: Kira
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Likes: Cookies, sports, games
Dislikes: Bullies, homework 
Bio: I was born in California and now I attend Hight High. 
Crush: (first boy to apply) 
Bf: (first boy to apply) 
Favorite class: Gym

...Why, exactly, did you invite me to this party? I'm not even a girl...
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