English  ..
The most widely spoken language in the world  !
The most celebrated language on the earth  !!
The language that is spread over to every nook and
corner across the globe  !!!
People from as many as  104 countries  throughout
the world communicate in  English  !
Today,  English  has become an inseparable part of our
life  !!

What do we know about such a great and
venerable language  ..?
If one can improve his  vocabulary,  he can
improve his  language ..   But,  do you know how
to improve your  English Vocabulary  ..?
We know,  English Spelling,  in general,  has
become a target for severe criticism ..    We feel
that there is a lot of  confusion  in the system,  as
there are obviously n' number of  discrepancies
in it ..   But,  do we know the reasons behind such
confusion and discrepancies ..?
Do you know what are  Homophones  ..?
Do you also know as to what is a  Homograph
and what is a  Homonym,  etc.  ..?
Have you ever thought of,  about the importance
of reading  ..?     Reading  is one of the best tools to
learn and improve  English Language  !    But,  do
you know that only a  systematic practice  of
English Reading  can give you the best results ..?
Do you know what is the most powerful and
effective way of  communication  ..?    Do you know
which one is the ultimate and crucial,  in among the
language skills  ..?      It is  'writing'  !
Do you further know as to what is  formal language,
and what is  informal language  ..?
Do you know how to prepare a  written text,   without
any mistakes ..?
Do you also know as to how to bring  readability  to such
a text ..?
Do you know what is a  Grammar Checker  ..?
Do you know who needs the help of it ..?
Do you know about a  fabulous Grammar Checker
that can change your life ..?
To know the answers for all the above questions,
and,  to know many more interesting facts about
English Language,
please visit:

ENGLISH    AND    WE    ....
**          **           **                                (    by    'Gnanee'    )

English ..
The most widely spoken language on the earth  !
The most useful language across the planet  !!
Throughout the world,  1.8  billion  people speak English,
in addition to the  450  millions  of native speakers  !
As on today,  people pertaining to as many as  104  countries,
all over the world,  are able to communicate in English  !
English Language  has become an  inseparable part  of our life  !
English language is the doorstep for  success  !!
*                                        *                                             *
'Learning English is too difficult  !'    -    an opinion ..
It is true  !
It is true,  if we restrict ourselves to the conventional practices
of learning it  !
'Learning English is too easy  !'    -    another opinion ..
It is also true  !
It is true,  if we can adopt certain easy methods and simple
techniques,  in the process  !!
Here is a website,  which is a niche for such  methods  and
techniques ..
If you would like to know what those methods and techniques are,
if you would like to know many interesting facts about  English
please visit:

To all of those individuals who work in developmental education, please join me and others who would like the benefit of your professional experiences in teaching developmental education.  What are some of the pressing issues facing you and your college are currently facing, especially given the budget crises that are affecting higher education institutions?
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