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Name: Midnight Bloom
Species: half human half angel
Age: 17
Personality: as a human she is kind and loving but as an Angel it is dangerous to cross her.
Bio:, Fallen from heaven she was doomed to be human but the banishment did not take all her powers away she's can still change but she is not as powerful as before.
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who wants to roleplay with me let me know and add me as a friend ok greets from me ^^

Hi everyone how are you all with me everything is fine and good greets from me Dante ^^

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{Name}:Hotaru Shiragiku

{age}: 16

{day of birth} July 15

{gender}: female

{species}: robot

{height}: 5'6"

{weight}: 134

{birthplace}: Majo village

{Personailty} kind and smart helpful hopeful spiritual curious clumsy at sometimes strong lucky sweet always happy giving fun crazy adventurous joyful grateful loving caring cheerful sometimes

{appearance}: different color hair, different color eyes,wears dresses, shirt and pants or one full outfit

{skills}: playing games drawing singing making clothes doing peoples hair writing books really good at sport reading poems cooking making puppet shows for little kids making fun Rangers

{like} her pet cat named Jasmine and loves animals, hoping people playing the piano playing the violin music reading book writing homework going out once in awhile helping out the scientists she's really happy too help different kind of peoples the rain the Sun night time and day she loves the seasons and nature

{dislike}: people being mean to animals people being mean to kids bugs lightning people hurting themselves evil people bully making her cry getting hit in the face people judging her on her cooking people that think they know everything people not keeping their promises or trusting her

{bio}: she was created by scientists and they gave her a pet cat so the sign to raise her up she has to go to school like normal girls but she is a robot she likes helping out people as much as she can but if someone hurt your feelings she will get really mad but she tries to stay positive about every single thing because she doesn't want to feel the evil side of her if someone is mean to her she has a job and she loves working at it she loves helping animals more than people she loves plants and she has her own garden she is really happy all the time she hopes that everyone will like her and get along with her because she's been bullied a lot of times because she is a robot but that didn't stop her of trying to becomes friends with them but one day she'll have a lot of friends that respect her and love her the way she is
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I was still upset over my squads could they leave me like this.. I layed my head on my desk but there was a new recruit who had caught my eye she was a good recruit maybe I'll ask if she can be put in my new squad

((Open to a female))

Tch whatever I'm Levi leader corporal and captain of the survey corps and are you all dirty ? I hate such filth take a bath

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the people of your needed someone to save them the problem was that yiu voulfnt save them so as you sat up one night thinking how you where going to sqve everyone a meteor shower started and what you didn't abd couldn't see was that there was one person that could protect you and save ever one eles that was me the guy that you liked but everyone else just tryed to stay away from me tge thing is that you never told me how you feel and you thought that if you where going to start any where then You had to start with telling me how you feel ((shy,sweet, caring, female needed))
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Profession: Anarchist and Speaker
Name: V Fawkes (His real name is unknown. People named him "V Fawkes" after his trademark "V" graffiti as well as his always constant wearing of a Guy Fawkes mask.)
Age: Unknown.
RP Genres: All except for "Fantasy". The fantasy equivalent of him will be made into another profile.
Abilites/Skills: Can make explosives out of anything he can find around him as well as switching identities with only male victims. He has limitless costumes, as he lives in an underground sewer-turned-theater. (Of which the smell is long past gone. The location of this theater is unknown to the general public. Only a select few of whom he has trusted know that the place even exists.)
Traits: Mysterious, Poetic, Well-spoken, Gentlemanly, and Opportunistic.
Background: Unknown

I would like to encourage everyone to feel free to start their own rp in any of the categories provided. If you have any questions the Questions/Suggestions is the category to put them in.

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The walk through the forest was a hobby that I would do once every day. This time was different because I brought a bunch of friends with me. The walk was usually peaceful and quiet, but with other people with me, the forest was disturbed by the laughter and noise my friends created together. We are having a good time when one of my friends suggested to play a game. Some of us protested, saying it was to cold outside and the snow would reveal our tracks, but in the end we all agreed to playing hide and seek. I was the seeker and everyone went to hide. When I finished counting I went off in search of them. Using my surroundings to help guide me, I followed a set of footprints in the snow. As I got deeper in the woods I continued to follow the footprints. By the looks of it, the owner of the prints seemed to be a girl's and that left only a few possible candidates since it had to be a girl. I climbed over a fallen tree trunk to keep on the trail, but I tripped on it. I went flying down a hill and started to roll. When I finally stopped moving, I sat up and took a moment to get my bearings. When I regained focus I lift my hand to see that it was a bright red. Then I frantically stood up to see that my whole body was covered in a dark red substance. Was it blood? I thought to myself. Then, I noticed the a red stained trail and I followed it a bit worried. When I got around a big tree following the trail of red, I froze where I stood. There in front of me was one of my friends. She laid there stiff, and had gashes everywhere. Her blood stained the tree and soaked the snow, turning it a dark red. I am so shocked that I can't speak. I felt like this game was just getting started, but it wasn't the game of hide and seek that any of his friends were used to, but was a different type that when one was found, you were found dead. Now, I had to find the others before the real seeker finds them. The only question is, where are his other friends. ((Open rp. Feel free to take on any role, whether as the "real seeker," or one of the friends.))
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