walks on through the factory floor. Looking over high grade security invention decks, making sure all remains stable hmm.. all going... Well.. behind schedule but... Well proceeds to mumble to myself as I walk across the gantry

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fuck it no one else is posting here might as well kick off

invention: Gauss/rail style weaponry

Target demographic: Variable upon request

Positives: the bullets/rounds fired can reach a new high speed allowing for more armor penetration, all around cheaper ammo cost for cutting out gun powder and brass, due to being electric it can function in space were typical bullets may not and much lighter weight due to complex gas operated systems being cut out

Negatives, the soldiers will have to be put through an hour course in proper care of these rifles, suppressors are not a possibility at this stage of development//: subject to change if order is placed.high contract buy in to cover research and materials

contract buy in out of 5: $$$

bio: with working in close proximity with those at spark tech. our engineers see the spark core a marvelous discovery, no matter how small it comes it produces a substantial amount of power. plenty for this purpose through energy recharge paths. regenerating drained power almost instantly but will need trigger discipline to prevent a hard failure.

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