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Simplicity is one of the key features of Netsurf business plan. It is being designed in such a way that all the entities involved in this plan get benefitted in direct proportion to their efforts. Netsurf business plan is one of the few plans that fit in legal framework of Indian Direct Selling Industry. Netsurf business plan presents an unique business opportunity to every aspiring businessman to start his/her own business.

Salient features of Netsurf’s Business Plan

1Unique Club Levels: A ten-layered club system to establish appropriate Reward and Recognition for Independent Distributors and to decentralize Roles and Responsibilities amongst Netsurf Network 2Product based Plan: Emphasis on product selling rather than on recruitment. Commissions based on actual product sales 330 Days Refund Policy 4Consumer-Centric Plan: Independent Distributors are encouraged to sell the products outside Netsurf Network i.e. to the consumers-at-large (end-users) 5No Joining Fees; No Mandatory Purchase of Products; No Renewal Charges; No Inventory Loading on IDs 6No Mandatory Purchases of Peripheral or Accessory Products (viz. marketing collaterals, training material, etc.) 7Family Protection Plan and Nominee Facility 8Reward and Recognition Program1. Club Netsurf: Domestic and International conference for achievers2. CNRI: Incentive on repurchase for achievers. 
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