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james rode around on his motercyle bored but just cruising when you saw him stop
(Rp open)

Enigma walks into the hotel and books a room for himself
(Open rp)

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Name: enigma
Last name: Blue nova
NickName : Nova
Gender: male
Age: 17
Hair color: Red and black
Eye color: Crimson and black
Brother: no one
Sister: none
Bio: orphan and raised by wolves 

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Name: Raina
Last Name: Star
Nickname: Rai
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair color: Dark blue
Brother: none
Sister: none
Bio: Was raised in a small cottage in the woods with no friends

Relationships: none
crushes: none

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Wow I expected life here but it's a wasteland

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Name: Kiyyu
Lastname: Ro'Meave
Nickname: Ki or Kiyy
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Brother: None
Sister: None
Crush: Blade Swordplay
Sexuality: Straight

Hair color(s): Black/Pink (Pink in Shadow Knight and Jury form)
Eye color(s): Blue/Purple (Purple in shadow knight and jury form)

Bio: Kiyyu is the ONLY daughter of the high priest himself: Zane Ro'Meave, but he doesn't treat her like a daughter even though she is LEADER of his "army" the Jury of Nine and a shadow Knight. Zane treats her like a MEMBER! Abuses her, threatens her, and other stuff. Previously Zane told her to find EVERY relic of a divine and she ran into her descendant, Irene (Aphmau) And she's been hurt....ever since.....but that will NEVER stop her.....

Forms: Jury and Shadow Knight
Species/Race: Shadow Wolf
Powers: Shadows
Pets: A Shadow Wolf named Midnight (pic four)

( +Krul​​)

Kiyyu Ro'Meave
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Thxs for the invite
Name- Himeji
Mom - +Pika Chu​​​
Dad- +Kudo 108​​​
Bros- +Satan Spawn​​​ +Sabo サボ​​​ +Fire first ace​​​ +Fuzzie!​​​ +Damian T​​​ +dungeon beast​​​ +Ikeda Kuchiki​​​ +machine/kamen rider chaser​​
Sis- +Kurl​​​ +Nou come​​​ +Alisa Kerr​​​ +Kanato XD​ +night sky
Crush- +Dark Slayer​​​
Bio- loves to meet new ppl
Gender- female
Other- daughter +Rin シェルター​​

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Name: Alisa
Last name: Kerr
Nickname: Ali (sissy is my nickname irl)
Age: 17
Gender: female

Brother: +Luffy [ The Unknown ] and +Yuichiro/Son Goku Hyakuya
Sister: +Mai Valintine+Victoria 'saber' Dragneel Heartfilia​ and +Kurl
Crush: Mika ^^
Friends: I can't make them all cause there are so many
Sexuality: Straight

Hair color(s): dirty blond hair
Eye colors: dark blue eyes

Bio: my name is alisa Kerr I am a very kind and sweet girl who loves her friends and family playing video games and watching anime and reading my book and manga and I will do anything to protect my friends and family and I am a demon and super saiyan I am the sister of yu and goku and I am really protective of my friends and family so hurt them and you will have to deal with me but other thanthat hope we can be great friends and have fun

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Name: Alexa
Last name: Chiaki
Nickname: Chiaki
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Brother: No brother
Sister: Kurl
Crush: Hajime Hinata
Friends: None yet
Sexuality: I'm flying solo

Hair color(s): pale pink
Eye colors: Brown

Bio: Shy, Oversensitive, Kind, Caring, and humble. Loves video games and manga. Normally plays video games or draws or writes fan fictions. If makes a mistake, Starts crying. Always got bullied in middle school. A Gemini :3. Loves Nightcore and Electronic music. Normally lonely.

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Last name: Strange

Brother: none (only child)
Sister: none (only child)
Crush:not yet
Friends: none as of right now
Sexuality: straight

Hair color(s):brown
Eye colors:red

Bio: i was an "odd being" as others put it thats why im nicknamed enigma because no one could understand how my mind worked not even me i ran away one day after i lost my family not knowing what to do now however now i work at a library in paris when im not there i cook in a decent restraunt trying out new recipes hoping someone would like me for who i am now

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