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¿Merece la pena Fallout 4 VR? Te digo mis impresiones y como han sucedido las cosas desde su lanzamiento. La aventura del Yermo creo que deberá esperar.

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Check it out. VR game on android. Available for download in google play )

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Partido en Realidad Virtual a uno de los mejores juegos eSport que existen. Echo Arena en directo con 4 vs 4 en un juego que es impresionante. ¡No te lo pierdas!


I like turtles haha😆

I actually don't have an VR, but It would be nice if google sent one to me

Hi all! Hope it's ok to ask technical questions here.. I have a small demo for Daydream running (using Unity). I'd like to have gaze functions, as well as the controller, but it seems I can only have one or the other using the controller system prefab with GoogleVR package. Is there a way to allow for gaze in tandem with the controller? Thanks!

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Ayer estuve jugando en directo al I Expect You To Die, un Scape Room en Realidad Virtual. Me sentía como el mismísimo agente 007. Gracias al directo, la gente del chat me ayudó mucho a salir adelante. ¡Échale un ojo!

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Anyone got any experience in latest Google VR (1.110) / Unity (1017.2) versions and drift? Seems to be quite bad...

In the Google VR documentation it says "The integration with Google VR provides: Automatic gyro drift correction.". But I can't find any API to deal with this. I presumed it would happen automatically. Regards the integration with Unity, I followed the instructions (which is basically import into Unity). Is that all is required? Does the Google VR plugin in the package override the default Unity behaviour?

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