im currently developing a VR app in Unity,
does anyone know how i can deactivate/modify the default cardboard UI layer?

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Hello Devs, I'm seeking advice on a vr game I'm building. I have an array (ground) & each tile has coordinates & a name. I want my player to respond to the diceTotal & progress along the board. Lets say player is on tile4 & rolls a 7. That would be newPos = currentPos + diceTotal; then currentPos will have to be 0 + diceTotal.

Thing is that doesn't work. Soooooo, any suggestions?

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Oppo a37 has all the required sensor for watchinvrVR. But cardboard apps is not compatible with oppo a37. Pls fix this issue developer.
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Hi all,
I am a final year software design student and for my final year project I want to develop a VR app that can give a virtual tour of my university and/or provide VR directions. As this is my first time delving into the VR world I just need some advice on where I should start and some tips.


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My code is nasty, it looks like I sneezed the alphabet & math symbols all over the screen! hahahahaha! :) :) :) :)
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