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NEET Topper Navdeep Singh Interview 2017
Navdeep Singh, the fellow from Mukstar who is very fond of playing cricket ranked top in NEET 2017, after obtaining 99.99% total marks. But what is the secret of his success?
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what visa/immigration status is needed to do clinical rotations (medical student- no USMLE yet) in the US ?


Do you happen to have an updated list of states that require clinical rotation verification by ACGME? Thank you!

hi there, i am Dr. Adleena Asna, indian origin. i have done my mbbs from yerevan state medical university, armenia. i need to have some guidance regarding clerkship. i have been graduated in 2013, but i am doing my internship in my home country at persent. my question is, can i drop my internship and go for clerkship? or electives are equivalent? please guide me...

Hi Dr. Mizani.

The state of Nevada required a "limited" or "initial licensure" if you get a residency in that state. Do you know, for restricted licensure, if they require for Caribbean grads,  all your clerkships be at ACGME hospitals or just any hospital in the US.

Also, Do you know if they have any issues if you had a gap in your medical school between basic science and clerkships. I have a year gap in between because I was studying for USMLE.

Can you please provide the website or any other source where I can find this information.

Thank you.

HI! Does anyone know of any clinical rotation in pediatrics that doesnt requiere your step 1 score??

Do you have an updated list for states that require Clinical Rotations verification?

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When you apply for medical societies, what are some things you should take into considerations? And are there any specific societies that tend to be better than the others? I'm new to the process and just trying to find some footing so I can start my application process. 
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