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IDM offers IT education to school children right from primary, Junior, secondary Schools. The curriculum has excellent blend of theory & practical skill.

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1) Most compounds are noiseless because 'I
better pass my neighbour' generators are on sabbatical leave.
2) Wives are happy because husbands who like hanging out are now staying at home
with the family because drinks outside are not cold and no fuel to drive out.
3) All the housewives are cooking good food because no more Crunches and Mr Biggs,
4) Kids are reading their books since watching
TV needs fuel.
5) No more congestion in network since many
peoples phones are off.
6) Browsing & downloading is faster than before
cause not much people are online.
7) Everyone sleeps very early now, No more late night movies.. Light no dey naa
8) There are MORE PRAYERS & less distractions.
9) Parents are over-joyed because their children that were always online now concentrates on their studies
10) Even God himself was very happy when he saw people who haven't gone to church for months and years going to church and staying for both First and second services just to charge their phones...

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Visit for WAEC current syllabus put the subject you want and your email in the comment box, within 5 minute you will get the PDF copy of the syllabus

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From the information reaching us, the board has revealed that the 40 marks added for candidate will be removed from some undeserving candidates that received the marks due to technical error.
Candidates are therefore advised to re-check their scores as to be sure of their real marks and right steps.
We are also happy to inform you that the change of course and institution is out so if your jamb score is below your chosen institution you are advice to pick up the form and change to institution where your Jamb score will be accepted for post utme.
For help on how to go about getting the form, filling and summiting your change of course and institution forms. Please contact us at Araa Edu Consult by mailing us with your request through or drop your request on our google+ page by adding Adefowoju Ayodele to your circlce

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WAEC FOCUS: the most reliable waec 2016/2017 timetable
We are glad to inform you that the most reliable WAEC TIMETABLE for 2016/2017 May/June is out. Send a mail to or then we will send you the full timetable. You also get it through our Google+ page by following Adefowoju Ayodele or through Twitter @AdefowojuAyo. you also follow this link If you appreciate our effort please follow us on both Google+ and twitter. Am Adefowoju Ayodele supporting quality education with the right key.

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Secret of making it once
By, Adefowoju Ayodele
Araa Edu consult will like to use this medium to congratulate all candidates that participated in the last UTME (JAMB) exam. It’s no longer rumor that there were lots of technically challenges that in one way or the other affected students performance thereby making the results released by Jamb questionable. Read my view and warning to Jamb registrar following this link
But friends, the truth is that unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward ( steve Maraboli) so also, if you study the past it gives you reasons to define the future ( Adefowoju Ayodele).
WAEC (West Africa Examination Council) certificate exam is around the corner stipulated to kick off 4th of April to 6th of May 2016. Do the time table is still being worked on and will be release soon which I promise to give update once its released and you can get it from my facebook page, Google plus and by following me on twitter.
While waiting, what did you think your focus should be as a smart student, what are you suppose to be doing to avoid falling again or augmenting your last Jamb result. Think less I will tell you things that smart students are doing to enhance solid academic performance
 They check out sample questions from WAEC website
 They follow and study marking guide on WAEC website (
 They outline syllabus for all subjects they will be writing
 They maximize and utilize internet to enrich their subject performance
 They say NO!!!!!! to social medias
 They ask for Help from teachers and people of higher understanding.
 They go for extra reading time e.g. studying at night
For more articles and update follow me on f

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Dealing with early love affairs within secondary school students, tells us your view and solution seeing it as a point of distraction to academic success.

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Jamb present system is sabotaging student’s good ambition: by Adefowoju Ayo

Last year, I had encounter with some set of students after their UTME exam one had 199 while the reaming two score 230 and 202 respectively.
The parents of the student with 199 were so sad and angry with their child because the student dream was to become a doctor, base on his interest and his good ability academically.
At the time I was consulted by the student parent, I had an interview with the boy just to find out “what and why” happened to his performance. These are the points he gave
• The system was going off and on and
• Server problem
At that point I realize it was not the student fault because the identified problem is above the student power!!
My group and I later moved round some CBT centers to be sure if this particular problem is almost general and we realize more students were affected as well. After a lot of complains on medias, Jamb decided to re-grade students scores showing their inability to organize a national exam with reasonable level of competence to the world. This re-grading benefits some students positively while some negatively and orders remain at the same point. But as good Nigerians, we all put our hands crossed and encourage students to prepare more for the next exam as we believe the next one will be better.
It’s a year now, UTME exam 2016 is on presently and the same issues are coming up. We need to ask the Jamb registrar Professor Dibu Ogerinde some of questions.
1. Sir why do your system keep failing every year?
2. Can’t the server be review to solve previous problem?
3. Tell us why the results are not showing students true strength?
Out of our research we discover that even some students are surprise to see their good result knowing that they did not perform well in the exam and some of the good students are crying because their academic ability was not the picture the result is showing.
Experience they say is the best teacher but I am telling you it’s not the same in the case of Jamb and its new UTME exam system.
Jamb registrar Sir, we need a quick review because the future of our country deserves good integrity and we cannot achieve this by sabotaging student’s academic effort of good 12 years in just one exam. An exam should be able to show the real ability of a child academically and not giving raffle draw result to our students.

Welcome to this community of schools owners in Nigeria. This platform is created for existing proprietors and proprietress running a private school in Nigeria. This platform is design to bring people of like minds together for discussion:
• Developing private School in Nigeria
• Sharing experience and interchanging ideas
• Networking within schools for partnership purpose
• Latest developments from educational bodies within and
outside Nigeria
• How to eradicate examination malpractice
And many more issues as matter arise. This platform is a dictionary for all School. Once again you are welcome.

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