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It's Beta Testing time. Here is a new update!

Check it out!

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A multitude of apps taking up your precious Smartphone storage? Forget that hassle, and connect with the world at your fingertips through Exploro. No longer do you need separate apps for connectivity, social interaction, navigation, or GPS monitoring; Exploro is here to solve all your problems on a single platform.

Hey guys, checkout this fun app. Lots of cool features inside.
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Can’t find that specific spot you visited in the park? Forgot where that amazing tea stall was in the crowded market?
Now Connect not only with people and places, but with things such as trees, benches or even roadside stalls by simply saving them on the app anytime.

Hey guys, checkout this fun app. Lots of cool features inside.
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Android users!

Please use this link to get the Newest version of the Application build 63. Lots of bug fixes!!

Use it and let us know of any issues you find!


BillionGraves Developement Team

Hi Android Users,

Hope everyone is having a great new year! We want to start the year off right with a new update for the Android OS. However, we need everyone to test it first! Please use the link below to test out the new version. Let us know of any bugs!

Thank you!

I started beta testing yesterday. But I still got not the beta version. And the version from Play Store didn't start on my LG G5.

What can I do?

I was taking pictures at a cemetery for the first time with my new Droid Turbo 2 when the app stopped (and said so) after taking about 230 pictures. Shutting down the app and restarting gave the same result on the first picture. I did not reboot the phone. After getting home I uploaded the pictures and all of them uploaded. Don't know what the problem is.

The app is version 2.10 Build 57

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Morgan Road Cemetery 
Clay, NY
I started out with grave documentation of the cemetery and it found its way into folk art, storytelling, road trips and other assorted creative notions.  :)
Morgan Cemetery
Morgan Cemetery

I have had a problem uploading photos.  After a significant amount of time uploading, the app stops and shows that there are still some photos to upload.  I tried to upload again and it fails.  I then went to the website, signed in and looked at my uploaded photos to find that they were already on the website even though my phone said they were not.  So I manually deleted them from my phone.  This has been happening almost 100% of the time during the month of July when I have been taking many photos.  It is a pain but can be worked through.

I'm guessing that there is a communication breakdown between the app and the website that needs to be fixed.  The notification from the website to the app saying that the upload was successful is being lost or misinterpreted by the app.

My app version is 2.4(48.031815) and my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S5

Always problems, problems, problems. Just now I cannot take any picture. I tap the button and camera won't start.
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