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Leader: Has to be male, and has to have mated with every she cat in the clan

Deputy: Has to have mated at least half the she cats in the clan, male

Medicine cat: She cat who can mate with she cats only

Warriors: Toms only, tom cats who didn't become toys

Queens: she cats only, she cats who didn't become toys

Toy: She cats and toms who failed their Warriors assessment


• When kits become apprentices they have to be mated with so they aren't virgins anymore

• When apprentices are becoming Warriors they have to mate without moaning or cumming, otherwise they become toys

Any questions? Please, ask!

(Closed to +LPSKwaziiKelly420 Rape pls)

Shadeheart padded through the forest her dainty paws avoiding snapping twigs which would hurt her sensitive ears. Her slender body weaved between trees and shrubs. Her tail loosely covered her tail hole, trying to cover up the fact she was in heat. She ducked under a low branch and sat down in a clearing.

Name: Shadeheart
Age: 17 moons
Gender: Female
Rank: Toy
Appearance: Sexy slender body, black with purple eyes.
Personality:, flirtatious, sexy, mischevious,

Name: Owlfeather
Age: 19 moon (new Queen)
Gender: Female
Rank: Queen
Appearance: Sexy slender body, medium white fur with brown dapples and blue eyes.
Personality: Coy, flirtatious, sexy, mischevious, would not like to have kits

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Can I join? Fawndapple // 17 moons // Straight // Toy // Mate: Open // Kits: Gingerkit (dead) // Beautiful light fawn colored she-cat with white paws, tail, and ears. And white dapples on her back, green eyes // Personality: Super Flirty, Loves hardcore mating, adventurous, commanding , other than that sweet // RP soon?

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Name: Thistlefrost
Age: 37 moons
Gender: Tom
Rank: Warrior
Personality: Dominant and impatient
Bio: He was born to a clan cat and a kittypet. His mother left him behind with his sister. His sister was killed by a fox and he was taken in by a clan cat. He lives to fuck as many cats as possible with his unusually large cock.
Father: Unknown Kittypet (Alive with two-legs)
Mother: Unknown Clan cat (Deceased)
Siblings: Unknown She-kit (Deceased)
Crush: Open
Mate: Open
Kits: None


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Name: Greystone
Age: 15 moon's
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Toy
Clan: LemonClan
Appearance: ((picture bellow))
Personality: Untrustworthy, fast, stubborn, swift, smart, sassy, honest, flirty and kind.
Bio: Unknown

Mudmask paced around camp Where is everyone!?! She panted, and was awfully bored

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Here's a LemonClan tom :33333





24 moons

Strong, brave, and secretive

BlazeThroat lived a mainly normal kit/apprentice hood, then became a strong warrior who trained hard to protect his clan at all costs
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