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With 190 members and counting, we are dedicated to an authentic revisit of the old TUC. Join for great mapping, moderator elections, classy memes, freedom of speech and political/societal discussion.

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ATTENTION!!! The home of the TUC is moving to this community, with the original one soon to be deleted! Please join as soon as possible!

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You are reading this Duce 2, then hear this. Going around banning people with different opinions, then saying they offended your country won't work forever you know. You need to seriously grow up.

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I didn't offend anyone. Read my post lol.
Belarus has been ban for all of the following

Offensive against the German people and to the national socialist

Brought back tragic event which is so sad to see her do

So for this everybody it is over now please I don't want ban more or get in more fights please go back where we use to be thank you .

So I got banned from the main community. Read the full argument I had with Duce 2 of you wanna know why.

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To revise the post made by Wisemankugel Memicus:

Soviets: In Stalingrad we held a single street and it took 4 days for the Germans to force us out! They lost about 50 men. Poor krauts, we took the street back the next day.

Americans: The funniest thing about the Ardennes offensive is that they abandoned hundreds of their precious Tiger and Panther tanks cause they had no fuel, haha.

Britain: Well chap, I'll have you know that even though the Germans took almost our entire tank capability, tried bombing us into submission, shot rockets at our cities and tried starving us with submarines, we held on. Then we did the same to them and they collapse.

German: Oh you know what I did? I was in a Volksgrenadier division that was completely annihilated, 3 times, first at Kharkov, then at Falaise, and finally at the Ruhr. I swear, we had literally the best tanks, equipment and weapons, and we still lose because our forgot winter clothing.
Proof Fascism is better than every other ideology Part I: World War II Vets

Soviets: Urrgh yeh I was at Stalingrad and it was like fucked I think I can't remember. Get your great grandad some more vodka, Vadim.

Americans (Pacific front): Hahaha! We beat the hell out of the damned japs! We are the baddest fuckers around!! AMERICA FEhsgdnsjhhCK YEAH!

Americans (Western Front): Erm...sorry guys. I remember a bit from Operation Overlord but that's it. I guess it had something to do with the death camps? I honestly don't know why FDR sent us over there. Wanna hear about my memories of the Korean War?

Japanese (Pacific Front) : I can still smell his flesh burning..

Japanese (Chinese Front): So..cold...why won't death come for me...I can't get their bodies out o my mind. Miles and miles of Japanese and Chinese scared.

Italian: I'm gonna be honest guys. Mussolini was an idiotic tool. I never shot a guy. All the Germans stole our fucking kills. It was shit.


Britain: Be more specific, laddy we controlled half the world.

German: Oh you know what I did? I drove around in a tank. I could see a column of T-34's. In the grand scheme of things, we were losing our grip on the war. My platoon was outnumbered. We had to hide in the woods along the roads and we waited. Then, KABOOM! We hit them right in the side. In seconds, we were right on top of them. The Tiger was a beast of a machine. We only lost 2 tanks that day. A column of 30 T-34s. Gone. Against 5 German tanks. We were truly the best back then.

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When you're Russian for food, there's no time for Stalin.

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It it amazing

Good Evening comrades. Today, the United Confederation of Mappers was dealt a blow by vile cancer spreaders known as the MPA. As we all know, they do not respect free speech and believe they have the right to patrol the large G+ community of mappers.

After careful consideration, I have come to a decision. Disorganised attempts to spam their community are futile. My answer is creating a new sub-community, in which we will plan out an attack on the MPA. I already have a detailed plan on destroying the MPA, but I can only discuss it once we create a new community.

Maximum secrecy is to be maintained. Posts will not viewable by non-members, and members would be restricted from informing non-communist party members of the sub-community's existence.

What are the benefits of this? Well, the MPA being disbanded or at least never bothering us again, obviously. However, once we reveal our feat to the main community, our party will get a massive boost in popularity.

Sorry for the wall of text, but believe me, this is only the beginning...
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