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Name: Nyx Knight

Age: 19

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Origin: Alderaan


w: Imperial Sniper Rifle

Bo: My family and I was on a trip to coruscant when our ship was attacked by imperial's claiming there was a force sensitive child onboard, my mother hid me in the vent. My family was killed because they couldn't find this so-called child. I was forced to watch. Once they left, i was able to escape using one of the escape pods on the ship, going to the nearest planet. A couple years later the rebels found me.
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Name:  Keda Elrou                                                                                                 
Age: 18                                                                                                                 
Gender: Male                                                                                                           
Attitude: Nice & caring but when you hurt his master of his friends he will attack back with anger.                      

Race: Human              

Rank: Jedi                                              

Origin: Hoth                                

Abilities: Able to use the force, Able to lift any object up or any person, And also able to throw his lightsaber at his opponent as well.

Bio: When Keda was little his village was over run by Siths & when the of Sith showed up he started threating to destroy anyone who tried to opposed them. Keda was afraid of the situation &  the Sith grabbed one of Keda's people & tried to kill one of them. But when thought all hope was lost a mysterious man killed the Sith that threatened to kill one of Keda's people with swiftness. Keda was surprised by the way he moved & how he handled the Sith like they were nothing. The mysterious man in the caped clothing asked him "Are you alright kid?" & Keda said "Umm...Yea" then Keda said "Who are you & how did you do that?" the mysterious man said "I'm Barst Wukku & I'm a Jedi".  Keda then said "I wanna learn how you did that & I wanna be a Jedi"  Barst then said "Yea I'll teach you kid" (Said with a smile). Barst mumbled "This kid has potential I can sense it" & then Keda said "When do we start!" (Said with excitement). Barst then said "You're training starts today" Keda then said "YAY!!!!!" then Barst said "Yeesh you don't need to yell kid". Keda has been training ever since that day an has gotten stronger & gained a little more experience. 
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