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Howdy all, a little update. We havent died been busy doing what we can in the little time we have had. This go we arent going for the add every feature we can weather anyone even uses it but more focused on stability and performance. Not saying there wont be features because there will be plenty eventually. Currently we have very few maintainers bit we are opem to get some more added in. Not just anyone that can just clone make a few edits and build but people that can contribute back to the rom.
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I figured I'd ask but, why is SELinux set to permissive on the Nexus 5 builds? I'm on the latest for Nexus 5 and it's set to permissive which is a big security risk

hello everyone! i have a really silly question.

first off im a complete noob when it comes to linux but i have choosen to run it instead of windows. i believe (not 100% sure) that i have a proper build environment set up and would like to build aosip for the ph-1. now the question is, would someone be so kind as to point me in the right direction to sync the repos and build it? please and thank you everyone!

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Redmi note 4 aosip
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New update Added support to Android Oreo 8.1.0 and huge

Changelog v6.5

- Theme Rebased and Added support for Android 8.1.0
- Added new accent color "Carmine Red"
- Fixes for Google Plus v9.27
- Fixes for Gmail v7.11.26
- Fixes for Substratum app new Ui
- Fixes for Google Dialer v15
- Fixes for Google Contact v2.4.4
- Fixes for YouTube 12.47.58
- Fixes for Pixel 2 Launcher
- and more i forgot
- Many improvements and bug fixes

Important Choose android os version on top clean install recommended

Join @fantasy_themes telegram group for support
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AOSiP Shamu BETA #1

Official XDA Thread:



Md5: 890cf284f378b3a5c27b565719df6778

Known device specific bugs:
- Bluetooth audio is a bit wonky, flash Viper audio to fix it

Beta release notes:
- AOSiP V7.0
- Android 8.0 (not 8.1)
- Don't report any bugs for this particular build
- This is a BETA release, not a full release. Expect there to be small bugs here and there.
- Please DO NOT send feature requests.
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