Nigerian Wedding Trends 2017
Are you getting married in 2017? We thought you should know about the latest trends in the wedding industry for 2017. You can draw an idea or two from these.
Event service providers keep stepping up their games and bringing innovation and technology together to deliver more creative and stunning effects.

2017 trends for Food

Food Toppers!
Customized food toppers for everything called food - from grills, chops, cakes, drinks name it!

Artistic Culinary Skills on Plate!
Caterers not only show their creativity in the taste of the food and designs of their table settings, but also in the arrangements of the food. From cocktails to small chops, grills and even jollof rice.

New Food on the Menu
We now dig deeper into our roots to incorporate local delicacies to our menu even for white weddings and create a fusion between continental dishes - not only of Chinese origin but now on menus you see more Italian dishes taking center stage - Tortellini and Raviolis!!!

2017 Trends for Prints & Props

Matching Invitation Suite
Wedding invitations now comes in a suite that comprises of matching invitation cards, table numbers, menu cards and toppers. We need to make a statement so we brand everything!

Customized Photo props
Social media props, hand-held photo props with inscriptions that shows what you're thinking at the point is still in the trend this 2017

2017 Trends for Decor

More Architectural Designs
Stage and backdrops wedding designers in Nigeria have began taking a more architectural approach towards creating more sophisticated designs. We hope to see more of these in the coming years.

Floral Designs
Floral designs are still in the trend this 2017. From floral walls on stages, backdrops, as table runners and matching floral walls with bridal bouquets.

Themed Designs
Event designers have their A-game on with bringing themes to life now more that ever. More theme creations this 2017

2017 Trends for Cakes

Gigantic cakes
We find cake designers stepping up their game with delivering out of this world gigantic cakes, designed to perfection

Creative Hand Painted Cakes
Hand Painted cakes are trends picking up in 2017 with some talented cake designers showing us their artistic painted designs

Picture cakes
A picture can say a thousand words. Picture cakes are perfect if you'll like to make a statement with your cake.

2017 Trends for Hair

Natural Hair Looks
More and more naturalistas coming up and now more natural hair stylist giving us their vibes.

Dealing with Guest Attendance and Nigerian Wedding Crowds - How to accommodate uninvited guests at Nigerian Weddings.

There are basically two forms of invitations that can be sent out to wedding guests.

Weddings can be strictly by invitation - where invites are sent out to only those the celebrants what to see at their wedding. The invites may admit just one, two or a stated number. With this type of invitation, it is easier to manage the attendees and effectively cater for them all. Here, the you as the celebrant knows exactly how many people will be in attendance after you have received their RSVP.

...But because Nigerians are very welcoming and would not want to offend anyone on their joyful, happy day, we accommodation everyone and anyone that comes in whether invited or uninvited to merry and celebrate with us. So we make our weddings an open invitation!!!

The question then is how do we accommodate these uninvited guests so that we don't end up offending them (as this was the main reason why we did an open invitation).

First, Define these:
What are the guests expectations for your wedding?
Every typical Nigerian guest wants food! Jollof rice to be precise! Lol. They want drinks. They want to sit down. They want gift (souvenirs). Give them these and they will be H-A-P-P-Y.

What is the max you can accommodate and cater for?
From your budget, how much can you afford to spend on food, drinks, hall space and souvenirs? How many people can you really afford to give these to? Now defining this would allow you know your limits to the number of guests you can accommodate.

Decide on your number of guests.
Now you know, decide on your number of guests - that is the number of people your budget for food, drinks, hall space and souvenirs can accommodate. The mistake a lot of people make here is to decide first on the number of guests and then trying to force their budget to cater for the amount. This might lead you to over spending or even having a poor quality wedding which i hope you don't want. So decide on your number of guests. 500? 300? 200? 100? or 50?

you can read my blog on budget allocation to know how to allocate budget for different items*

Who are the most important people that must be in attendance?
Now that you know the max your budget can accommodate in terms of guest size. Decide on the most important people that must be in attendance. Note that they should be at most one-third of the people that your budget can take. Start with family members, close friends and relatives before "facebook friends"...just saying. So if you can accommodate 500 people, list out about 150 most important people.

Print and Distribute Invites to the most important people
Still on the example, you can handle 500 people, print only 150 invites and distribute to key people. Meanwhile work with your vendors as if they would be catering for 500 people. That is to say, look for a 500 capacity hall, cook for 500 people, etc.

Do not forget to get an RSVP from all your invited guests.
So call your guests a month to your wedding to find out if they would be attending and who they would be coming with. This would allow you roughly estimate the number of guests you should expect from your invited guest list. Now invited guests would usually not come alone. They may come with their entire family and circle of friends or they may not attend but give another one-third of your estimated guest size to your invited guests company. That is to say if you invited 150 guests out of 500 guests, add another 150 as the number of guests your invited guests would bring.

How are you sending out invites?
You can send out invites via prints copy or electronic copy. Electronic copies have become very common with social media, websites, text and emails, it becomes easy to send out invites and not only that but it also becomes easy for people to spread the news!!! So the more info you post out their to invite people to your wedding via electronic invites, the more the news spreads and more people you receive as uninvited. These make up the remaining one-third of your wedding guests.

On your wedding day, you'll have just the right number of people you can afford to cater for without offending anyone by making it strictly by invitation. But then how can you limit the number of guests to only the people you want at your wedding without sending out closed invitations?
I'll discuss on this next.

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Preparing for your Nigerian Wedding
After he pops the question and you've said yes!!!
The next step would be first to take a deep breathe and come back down to earth because there would be so many thoughts running through your head.

Oh my God, I'll soon be married, my dream dress, my grand reception, my dream home and so many other things. If you become nervous, it is really normal because you really aren't sure of what to expect next. It could become so awkward to start talking things with your fiance like you are sure you'll be his wife.

But you'll need to chill a bit and take some necessary steps to get a smooth sail through your wedding planning period. From when he popped the your big day!!!

Firstly, define your dream wedding:
Size: Do you want a big wedding, a moderate sized wedding or a small intimate wedding?

Type of Wedding: Would you want a church ceremony or an outdoor ceremony, a trad ceremony, trad and white on same day or separate days etc.

Location: Would you prefer a destination wedding or a Nigerian wedding and what type of venue would you like to us?
A tent, marquee, hall, outdoor, garden, beach, cruise, hotel, your home or where?

Date: What time of the year would be best for you. Put into consideration holiday periods for destination weddings or weddings outside your present location, also consider weather and seasons - dry seasons are most ideal for outdoor events for instance. Consider family needs and availability.

Theme and concept for your wedding: Your favorite colors, games, movies, hobbies, flowers, holiday destinations, music, book, celebrity etc. You can design a theme that revolves around any of your favorites.

Who must be in attendance: These are compulsory attendees. Doing this would help you cut down on unnecessary guest size that tends to put a weigh on your budget.

Budget: How much do you and your fiance have for the wedding? Do you have supports coming from other people like friends and family? How much would you like to spend for the wedding? Remember that you'll need to set aside some money for starting out your new life. Its advisable to have this funds set aside in a separate account and if possible open a new account for your wedding budget and expenses. This would allow you keep track on things and put you in check to know when you are over spending. The good thing is that your wedding account can turn out to be your joint savings account after the ceremony if you like. I will talk more on wedding budget and the next steps in my next post.

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Wedding Budget Allocation
After you are sure of the cash available for your wedding, the next thing you'll need to do is to PRIORITIZE.

Setting your wedding priorities according to your needs, wants and desires.
We normally would say you should dream about your wedding - sounds like a weird advise but its a good one and I'll tell you why.
Most times when get dreamy about your wedding, you'll tend to see the big picture and in that picture, you'll easily know whats most important to you.

If you dream about a fairy tale grand reception with massive cake and luxury decor and you don't see your souvenirs or wedding dress or shoes in that dream then you know that you have more desire and priority on getting luxury decor and cake that for a luxury dress.

You get it now? so go ahead and get dreaming!!! you are done. Write down in a scale of preference which is most important and less important to you. Consider:
Catering: Food, Drinks, Cocktail, Small Chops, Cake.
Gifts: Souvenirs, Favours, Brides maids gifts
Outfits: Wedding dress, suits, bridal party outfit, shoes, accessories, rings, ties, shirts, bouquets...
Entertainment: DJ, MC, Live Band, Alaga etc
Photo and Video
Protocol: Security, Bouncers, Ushers, Waiters
Venue: Rentals, Furniture, Tent, Hall etc
Showers - Bridal showers, bachelors party
Bridal Spa: Hair, Make-up, Nails, Manicure, Pedicure, Massage, Body Scrub etc
Transportation: Luxury cars, vans, buses
Accommodation: Guest accommodation, wedding night accommodation, vendor accommodation.

The list could go on and on depending on your needs.

...Now, which is the most important and the least important. Arrange all these on a scale of preference. After you have done so, give it a percentage of your budget. Remember, the most important items should have a higher percentage on your budget. See an example in the picture below.

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Drafting your Nigerian wedding budget
Budgets! Budgets! Budgets! This is the real deal because no wedding can hold without at least a dime leaving your pockets. So you are engaged, now its the time for you to get to work with drafting a budget.

Why do you need to define your budget?
1) Because it helps you allocate resources appropriately without over spending on the less important things
2) It helps you make more strategic decisions towards your wedding plans
3) It helps you prioritize
4) It brings your from dream land to reality...haahaa just kidding but yeah its true in a way.

What steps do you need to take in drafting your budget then?
First, you'll need to list out all the sponsors for your wedding.
If you are one of the sponsors, you'll need to assess your savings. How much do and your fiance you have in the bank right now? Write it down.
Next, do you have a regular income? If you do how much is it? Sum it from now till your last income before your wedding day.
Who else is a sponsor?
Do you have support from family, friends etc. if you do, how much would it likely be? Its important at this point that you are able to know how much your family would be supporting you with. It won't be a crime to ask because you want to be sure of what you are getting.

Now you can estimate the cash available. Next, you'll need to split your presumed cash in 3 places. Keep one as cash for your life after the wedding, keep one in a special account opened for your wedding expenses and keep the last one in your I mean assume you never got that cash. Why? Because people that promised you may never give you, your regular salary may not come as expected or you may have other needs that are not wedding related.

So after you've done that, know your figures. How much do you now have for your wedding? This is 1/3 of your total available + expected cash put together and this becomes your WEDDING BUDGET.
You'll need to create a budget allocation around your wedding budget.

I'll be talking about budget allocation in my next post!

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