Hey Guys, Its me MrSneaky But on an alternate account I plan to change this to steam so if you have account message my name is "Arson The Average"

Sup guys....Its been a while since I've been here not much has changed except a single post has been added...well i'm gonna try and change that...I don't know how yet but I will make this place much better then what it is now...As I've been saying on my profile I've been wanting to make Gaming Videos Well I'm gonna try and do that (Finally) but i'm gonna need some help (And time) so I need you guys to help me to (if you can) Well if you guys can message me if you want to help...Oh and hopefully I can get a better computer to actually start editing and making videos and hopefully some animations here and there...Well talk you you guys later! 

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Gaming Apple >:3
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