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Once Charlie Chaplin entered a contest for "Charlie Chaplin look-alikes" and he came in third.

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Another Heroe of mine...

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One of my Christian heroes is Noble Alexander. He was imprisoned in the Cuban gulag for his faith for about 24 years. Although he endured horrible tortures, he emerged a gentle, loving, caring man of God. Although I only had the privilege of spending about a half hour with him (I drove him to the airport in Tulsa), everything about him radiated the presence of God. Pastor Alexander passed away a few years ago, but I continue to be inspired by his example. #persecutedChristians  

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Billy Graham

Philippe Paquette

William Franklin “Billy” Graham Jr., was born Nov. 7 1918. 

He may be the most successful evangelistic minister in history having brought hundreds of thousands of Person to Christ through his long ministry, possibly even millions. (The unofficial number  exceeds 3 million).

He held huge rallies everywhere around the world and his sermons have been broadcasted on all media and his Preaching is still heard again and again by millions on a daily basis.

In fact, the unofficial number of his listeners and readers exceed 2.2 billion persons.

During his active life, he conducted more than 400 crusades in 185 countries on 6 continents. In Moscow (1992), 155,000 Russians went forward at his call to accept Christ as their Personal Savior.

(Often, before a Crusade, he would go into the streets and Preach and invite people to attend his Gospel meetings, just like the Preachers of a time past).

Later in his life, NBC offered him $1,000,000 to appear on television but he turned it down in favor of continuing his touring revivals because of his prearranged commitments.

He had a repeated a phrase in inviting others to come and accept Christ in their lives: “no reserves, no retreat, no regrets”.

Never in the History of the Church, has one single Servant of God reached so many and brought such multitude of individuals to “accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior”.

He was also an important influence with Presidents Eisenhower, Johnson, Nixon and many many others.

He also was a close friend to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In fact, they have preached jointly more than once. In 1963, Graham posted bail for King to be released from jail during the civil rights protests in Birmingham.

The two were great friends regardless of the fact that they had different stances on a few political issues, including the Vietnam War.

Graham also corresponded with imprisoned South African Leader Nelson Mandela and refused to visit South Africa until its government allowed integrating seating for audiences.

The Poll Company, Gallup, has listed Billy Graham 55 times (since 1955) as, according to people, “the most admired man”. A record that has never been shattered to this day.

“Billy” as most people call him was the eldest of 4 children, born to Morrow (Coffey) and William Franklin Graham, Sr. He grew up on a dairy farm near Charlotte, North Carolina with his 2 sisters and younger brother.

As a young boy, Billy was known for running all the time. He rarely walked anywhere. He was always running and zooming at the same time.

At a very tender age, his Father forced Billy and his sister Katherine to drink beer until they got very sick… and that created a hatred for alcohol and Billy never touched any alcoholic drinks to this day.

In his teens, Billy wanted to join a Christian local youth group but he was rejected because he was deemed “too worldly”.

From his own autobiography, Graham was converted to Christ at the age of 16 in Charlotte (but his calling to service would come later).

His first Christian College he attended was not pleasing to Billy. After 1 semester, he left that Institution saying that it was “…too legalistic…”.

At that time, he attended a Bible Church but “was almost expelled” from the Church. (Reasons unknown).

He states that he received “his calling on the 18th green of the Temple Terrace Gold and Country Club”. It was only then that Billy Graham accepted that “The Bible is the infallible word of God”. He was known to “preach to the birds, alligators and cypress stumps”…

On the 13th of August 1943, he married Ruth Bell (1920 – 2007) (64 years of marriage). They had 5 children.

At the time of writing this Post (April 15, 2015), Billy Graham is 96 years old and recently expressed these words: “…we are close to the end of the age…”.


Simply put, the reason Billy Graham is one of my Christian Heroes is not only because of what he has accomplished but also because of the spiritual and moral integrity of this Spiritual Giant.

He could have made millions of dollars for his personal use, something that he never did. He lived in an upper middle class house all his life and demonstrated a lack of affection for material things.

This is so contrary to too many Public Gospel Preachers of this day whose lives are more than extravagant with private jets, dozens of luxury cars and Mansions that would rival with Bill Gates.

Graham never preached the “Prosperity Gospel” but focused our attention on the humility of Jesus of Nazareth.

He has remained the strongest example of what a successful Evangelist should be and remains the Greatest in this field during my lifetime and possibly one of the Great Men in the History of the Spouse of Christ.


Sources: Billy Graham's books and Wikipedia





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Source: Jack Zavada

Acts 6 and 7.

In the early Christian church, a few years after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the believers in Jerusalem put all their resources together.

However, the Greek Christians complained that their widows were being ignored in the daily distribution of food. Seven deacons were appointed by the group to oversee sharing of food and other everyday matters. Stephen, a man "full of faith and of the Holy Spirit," was among them.

Stephen performed great wonders and miracles among the people of Jerusalem. Jews of the outer provinces began to argue with him, but they could not win against his spirit-filled wisdom. So in secret, they convinced false witnesses to lie, accusing Stephen of blasphemy against Moses and God. In ancient Judaism, blasphemy was a crime punishable by death. The accusers brought Stephen before the Sanhedrin, the great council, where the false witnesses said they heard Stephen say Jesus would destroy the Temple.

Stephen launched into a powerful defense, detailing the history of the Jews from Abraham through the prophets. He concluded that the Sanhedrin had murdered the prophesied Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. The crowd became furious at him, but Stephen looked up to heaven: "Look," he said, "I see heaven open and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God." (Acts 7:56, NIV)At that, the mob dragged Stephen out of the city and began to stone him.

They laid their coats in front of a young man named Saul of Tarsus. As he was dying, Stephen prayed to God to receive his spirit, and further asked God not to hold the sin against his killers. Stephen "fell asleep," or died. Other believers buried Stephen and mourned his death.

Why is he one of my past Christian Hero?

Stephen remains the very first martyred Christian recorded.

He thus becomes a Hero to me. Mostly because of who he was in life and especially in death. He served well and in dying, he prayed for his perpetrators, including someone that eventually converted to Christianity, Saul (Paul), who was inspired to write half of the New Testament. 

Stephen is a reminder of all our brothers and sisters and innocent little children in Christ who are martyred this very day, especially in the Islamist world.

He truly is one of my Christian Past Hero and gives me strength to help and pray for those who die daily for the name of our Blessed Lord.

Philippe Paquette

PS - My oldest son was given his middle name as a remembrance of him. Can't wait to have a nice hot black coffee with our dear brother Stephen (Étienne in French) in glory. (Ok, simply delete the coffee thing ;-) 

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