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Scent Profile: Peppermint, Cornmint, Rose, Talc, Bergamot, Oakmoss and a touch of Vetiver!

In a nutshell, Cane is North Pole Barbershop all the way!

Absolutely zero parabens, propylene glycol, alcohol or triclosan can be found in our creations

In all Field trials they have passed with flying colors: first dates, cocktail parties, camping, tight rope walking and the random briss...never failed once. Made with the purest & highest quality ingredients on earth.

Our deodorants are handcrafted one batch at a time with care. We use the best ingredients we can find to bring you a superior product.

Also makes for a great stocking stuffer!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

#PhoenixArtisanAccoutrements #PhoenixShaving #NaturalDeodorant #CANE

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Captain Smythe's Reserve Oak Barrel Aged Bay Rum & Leather Aftershave/Cologne!

Once Only An Exclusive Offering, Now Available To The Masses!

Oh boy are you folks in for a treat, Oak Barrel Aged Bay Rum & Leather! This is from my own private stash of Bay Rum, the predecessor to Boom Town and a real labor of Bay Rum Love. About 5 years of my life went into this very Exclusive concoction...and you will absolutely Love It!

Each batch is aged or "matured" for 6 weeks (sometimes longer) in an Oakwood Cask, giving you a full bodied, rich, aromatic Bay Rum. Different key ingredients are added at different times during the maturing period...and the addition of the leather really takes this blend to level 3!

Topping it off, there is also the addition of West Indian Bay Hydrosol, steam distilled by yours truly! Lastly at the end of 6 weeks, it is hand filtered 3 times using 3 different filters; Course, Paper & Mesh.

Lets not forget the Pure & Simple, Timeless face saving ingredients too; Alcohol to cool and disinfect, Hydrosol to tone, Aloe to moisturize and heal, and Seaweed Extract to nourish & soothe...Boom!

This my friends is swashbuckling manliness on steroids and I am super stoked to offer my private top shelf blend to you fine folk who have joined me on the Good Ship Shave's A lot! You're gonna love this!

Try Something Different ~ Phoenix Shaving

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Space Nog & Lump Of Coal...Plus a chance to score a $50 Gift Card from PAA!

The Return of a Classic & Space Nog an Instant Classic!

Well folks, I hate to do this to you again but we need to roll out another wave of holiday awesomeness! Between the holidays, travel and moving into our new warehouse we are a little under the gun to get all your festive favorites out and some new surprises as well...madness I say!

Space Nog?

Scent Profile: Brown Sugar, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Light Cinnamon, West Indian Bay, Tonka Bean, Benzoin Resin & Spiced Rum.

Meet Space Nog, a new holiday offering for us that I am predicting will become an instant classic!

Space Nog consists of: Aftershave/Cologne Splash, CK6 Artisan Shave Soap, Standard CK Formula Artisan Shave Soap, 4 Oz Star Jelly Aftershave, Argan Body Soap and Shampoo/Conditioner Puck!

First off, I am absolutely infatuated with this scent, Rich, Creamy, Spiced, Traditional Egg Nog with a splash of Atomic Age Bay Rum...yeah, that happened. Seriously, this is possibly our most addictive scent to date and I am not even a huge gourmand fan! I'm pretty certain this will make real egg nog jealous.

Much like Atomic Pumpkin, blending Egg Nog with Atomic Age Bay Rum seemed like a no brainer. I mean, we all know the best Egg Nog has a splash of spiced rum in it...Santa's Little Helper as dad called it. However, it was not as easy as it sounds.

Available in our Regular 4 oz Crown King Formula & in our Ultra Premium CK-6 5 oz Formula! Choice is good.

Admittedly, I created more than a few variations on this blend before I nailed it. The first few versions were too Bay heavy or too Rum heavy. The Nog was present, but just not leading the way - That had to change. What I finally ended up with was truly something magical, smooth and pretty damn nostalgic.

Vanilla Hydrosol

I know many of you have heard me talk about hydrosol in the past and how it is a key part of what sets our aftershaves apart from the rest, Space Nog is no different in its genetic make up.

Many will use purified water in their splashes which is fine, but it adds nothing. Unless that is what you are going for, but it's not how I roll. I am all about subtle ghost notes or grace notes; elements you may not immediately notice but would notice if they were not the lack of an arm rest in the rental car you just picked up, not a big deal, but it could be better (true story). Hydrosols add this other layer/dimension and bolster up the depth of the fragrance, and essentially add to the overall experience. Experience is REALLY important to us, if you have not noticed.

In the case of Space Nog, I chose to roll up my sleeves and distill my my own vanilla hydrosol from Madagascar Vanilla Beans, the best in the world! I don't believe anyone else is doing this especially for what Madagascar Vanilla Bean currently trades at, second to saffron...but it's oh so worth it!

Along with some ratio balancing and bending it was the inclusion of my Vanilla Hydrosol that really took the edge off the top and smoothed out the final variation of this juice. Nothing but the best for my I need to wear the stuff too and won't settle for a half ass concoction. (There is a do unto others lesson somewhere in that.)

Year Long Staying Power

I should also mention, though Space Nog is a holiday scent, much like CANE, I can see MANY returning to this stuff all year round for the scent is really intoxicating...I mean it! That said, would love to hear what you think if this years holiday release, Space Nog! Email me personally:

Space Nog for the win!

It's year 3 for this Naughty Wet Shaver's Classic!

[Note: do not mistake this for simply a gag gift!]

Scent Profile: Cool, Green, Woody, Metallic, Holly Berry, Coal Stove-ish and Hints of Dark Chocolate.

Lump of Coal consists of: Aftershave/Cologne Splash, CK6 Artisan Shave Soap, Standard CK Formula Artisan Shave Soap, and 2 Oz Fun Size Star Jelly!

Once more we chose to ignore our gut and listen to our customers, meaning, this is year 3 for Lump Of Coal and this will be the first year we ever offered a matching splash...but the people have spoken!

Available in our Regular 4 oz Crown King Formula & in our Ultra Premium CK-6 5 oz Formula!

I gotta say, Lump Of Coal is pretty nice, especially after it dries down. I can say for certain that fans of our popular First Due will appreciate Lump Of Coal.

If I were to categorize this I'd say it is Industrial Gourmand. I know what you're thinking, Doug, that's not a thing. Only it is...NOW! See how that works? :)

Longtime customers may have noticed I tacked on "Hints of Dark Chocolate" (in the Scent Profile) and not remember this from last years version. I swear I added nothing *new it's just the scent takes on a whole new shape in its new splash form. So much so, it has really forced me to have a deeper appreciation for the soap as well. For real, I now smell things in it I never picked up before!

Hand Formed

it's true folks, each one of these lumps were hand formed by me, a process that takes 2 days...and is a sight to behold. Close your eyes now and imagine me sporting an ugly xmas sweater (day 1) and an ugly flannel (day 2), apparel that I don't mind sacrificing to the gods of coal and blasting Christmas Elvis, gloved up and elbow deep in black sludge. There is ritual here that I am certain adds to the final product, conditions must be perfect! I'm not a Rabbi, in the religious sense, but I am certain my approach is similar to the kosher process...or I'm daft. That reminds me, Happy Hanukah too!

Activated Charcoal = Slick

It's true and I wish I knew the science behind it, but Activated Charcoal is awesomely slick and will add to the post shave feel! I stumbled upon this realization by accident year one of making these black lumps of magic. I was so moved by the performance I created CUBE! That's right, my experimentation with LOC lead to CUBE...not that important, but who doesn't enjoy a little trivia?

WIN a $50 Gift Card!

I would be remiss if I failed to mention that within 2 lumps of coal are diamonds! One in CK6 Formula and one in our standard formula, to be fair. This has become a holiday tradition here and really makes the whole thing a lot of fun. Note: These diamonds are no best friend of Miss Monroe but made of plastic, but you get what we are going for.

*Peppermint Hydrosol

For the same reasons mentioned above for Space Nog, I opted to distill my own Peppermint Hydrosol. This wasn't to take the edge off however but more to soften the industrial aspect a bit, Holidize it. I may have made that word up, but again, you get it.

So let it be known, though Lump Of Coal does resemble a gag gift, it's actually much more. I know you'll be pleasantly amused and surprised at this one for sure!

Not only a great gift for yourself but also a great stocking stuffer for that wet shaver in your life!

ALSO, In case you missed it...

BOOM, I promised a full size Kiritimati Star Jelly and gosh darn it, I delivered on that promise folks! So grab some now and thank me later...this stuff just rocks, all the wise men are wearing it!

Scent Notes: Frankincense - Myrhh - West Indian Bay - Seaweed - Toasted Oak - Ambergris - Benzoin - Blue Spruce - Tobacco - Labdanum - Lavender

Kiritimati is possibly the most rugged, bad ass, scent of the holiday Season! Bay Rum just got festive!

If an aftershave balm and alcohol based splash were to have a baby, our Star Jelly Aftershave Formula would be their love child.

Not to be confused with an alcohol free balm, meaning; this stuff still contains alcohol and a kiss of menthol to give you that classic splash feel at first. Then there is that familiar cool, dry down we all know and love...but something more is going on, something cosmic!

Unlike traditional balms, our Star Jelly absorbs rapidly into freshly shaven skin without any greasy, heavy feeling build up, leaving your skin moisturized and silky smooth. A refreshing, alternative that you instantly will fall in love with!

"...It's the new old fashioned way!"

Sorry, got these tunes stuck in my head, feeling all jolly as I type this bad boy up at a random Starbucks in Arizona. "Brenda Lee is coming on strong."

Have A Wonderful Life...ahem, I mean Weekend folks! Also have a Happy Holiday & Merry Xmas...I'm sure we'll talk again before it's over but 'tis the season!

Shave On & Stay Groovy My Friends!

#SpaceNog #PhoenixShaving #PhoenixArtisanAccoutrements

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Space Nog!

Keep your eyes towards the skies this holiday season my friends, for IT is coming!

Creamy, Spiced Egg Nog with a splash of Atomic Age Bay Rum...yeah, that happened. Possibly our most addictive scent to date!

Coming VERY Soon!

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A $60 Value Under $40!

Looking to get friends and family into the hobby or just making a valiant effort to show them a better way? Maybe this is for you and your interested in finding out what all the Wet Shaving buzz is about? Or maybe you are just tired of razor burn, ingrown hairs and razor bumps? (If these last 2 sound like you, hop down to "Taking Back Your Face".)

The Perfect Gift for Holidays, Graduates, Fathers and Grooms!

Our kit is fully self contained in a handsome, magnetic clasp gift box, it contains everything one needs to get started; 1 Symmetry Straight Bar Razor, 1 Two Ounce CK-6 Ultra Premium Shave Soap, 1 One Ounce Aftershave/Cologne, 1 Green Ray Tribble Hybrid Synth Shaving Brush, Instructions, and 2.5 months worth of blades!

Did I also mention it looks really slick and need not even be wrapped...just slap a bow on it and BOOM, you just created a NEW Wet Shaver!

Taking Back Your Face

Ready to take the plunge into the wondrous world of Traditional Wet Shaving? With the prices of cartridge razors being what they are and the inferior "one size fits all" shaves they provide, millions of Men (and women) are returning back to time tested methods of shaving; Shave Soap, Shave Brush and Safety Razor!

"But I'm in a Club!"

Sure there are cartridge blade clubs you can join and save some cash, but is it really worth the subpar shave?

If you are serious about really saving money and getting the best, healthiest shave possible, a safety razor is where it's at. First off, blades cost just pennies! That's right, 100 Double Edge Blades cost an average of $9-$15! Compare that to your club prices. Simply put, you have been paying far too much for the wrong tool for the job, that in the end, does more harm than good.

More harm than good? Really?

Sadly, it looks that way folks. Before cartridge razors there was no talk of razor burn or ingrown hairs like there is today. They didn't even make products for such modern symptoms!
You see, every time you drag a blade across your face you take off a layer of skin. Is there any wonder why most men think they have sensitive skin and hate to shave? A cartridge is designed to cut with the first blade, lift with the second, cut with the third and so on...being cut so short the hair then drops way below the surface of the skin and and begs to become ingrown! (or is it lift, cut, lift, cut?)

Back to Basics

A safety razor requires just a single blade, you decide how many times it passes across your face. Most men do an average of two-three passes, reapplying warm lather with the brush in between passes.
Passes are usually With The Grain (WTG), then Across The Grain (XTG), and lastly, Against The Grain (ATG). That's right, I said against the grain! Unlike when using a multi-blade razor, it is actually ok to go against the grain with a safety razor.

Customize Your Shave

There are also thousands of brands of Double Edged Blades to choose from, so in time, you can find the one that works best for your own unique face, skin and hair doesn't need to be "One Size Fits All" fact, it never should have been!

Just Like blades, there are many types of safety razors, soaps and brushes to choose from too giving the consumer a truly customized shave, suited solely for them. You can't get that kind of shave from a cartridge razor, plus the process is quite enjoyable and has even been described as meditative...BONUS!

Traditional Shaving is Naturally Eco Friendly

Unlike shaving cream in a can, a shave soap contains no harsh chemicals like propellants and other things difficult to pronounce. There's is also zero waste left over, unlike those metal spray cans that make their way with those plastic razors into the landfill.

Then there's the natural exfoliating action of the brush lifting hairs, hydrating as well as lightly massaging the face in a warm lather, the perfect preparation for a shave; simply luxurious. You don't get this from that cold, sterile "goo in a can".

Feel Good About Making the Switch

Join the millions of men (and women) who have decided to take their shaves back from "Big Razor", free their faces and stop being slaves to inferior cartridge razor shaves!

Good for your face
Good for your wallet
Good for the planet
Where to Start?

Honestly, there is no better way to begin Traditional Wet Shaving than with one of our starter kits! Curated by a wet shaver for wet shavers, as it is with all our products. I mean it, this is finally a Traditional Wet Shaving Starter Kit with Some Soul!

I really took the time putting together what I would have loved to have had in my first shave kit...had there been starter kits back then! Seriously, going cheap on this kit was not an option. Meaning, every component is one of our top sellers and customer favorites. Each piece has its own story and history and this kit is just another part of their evolution; the heart of shaving!

What's Inside?

First and foremost, The Symmetry Straight Bar Safety Razor

The Symmetry Straight Bar Safety Razor is a perfectly balanced, hefty, classic 3-piece design razor; beautifully chromed and laser etched with our Logo on the handle!

The handle is knurled to my personal specs, a standard that may be slightly higher than most due to the fact that I am a shower shaver and slipping is never good! This razor is really a terrific shaver for beginners, feels great in the hand, substantial and gives a damn fine shave. The Symmetry is one of our most popular, longest selling razors that you can feel good about gifting to that newb (or newbs) in your life!

Now what can you tell me about Atomic Age Bay Rum Aftershave?

• Zero Clove • 5 Years in development • Charred Oak Barrel Aged • Scent Notes Blended to Balance • Made with West Indian Bay Hydrosol • Hedione Seaweed Extract, Liquid Silk, & Aloe Vera

This is not your grandpappy's drugstore aftershave!

Atomic Age Bay Rum has been over 5 years in the making, possibly 15-20 if you take into consideration my years prior being a Bay Rum wearer and connoisseur! Atomic Age is as fresh as a sea breeze and as spicy as a good rum; Masculine, Legendary and oh so Captain Hook!

Experience the difference, experience the future, experience Bay Rum the way it was meant to be, Atomic Age Bay Rum!

The Shave Soap

Our CK-6, Ultra Premium Formula is made up of some very Exotic Butters, Oils and Waxes from around the world: Kokum Butter, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Jojoba Wax, Bacuri Butter, Cupuacu Butter and Murumuru Butter! Can you guess which are the Brazilian Beauties? [Hint: they sound like lyrics in a samba!]

"And that lather! It truly is remarkably good. I am seriously trying to cut back on shaving soaps, but after this shave I am thinking I somehow need more CK-6 shaving soaps. I’m very impressed. Thick, slick, wonderful lather that leaves my skin feeling exceptionally nice.

I highly recommend the CK-6 formula. Really striking." ~Michael Ham, Leisureguys Guide to Gourmet Shaving

I really can't say much else about how wonderful this formula is, just that if you are coming from the world of shave cream in a can, prepare for your head to explode!

The Green Ray Shave Brush: Stylish~Classic Retro~Affordable

The Green Ray is based on a rare, vintage brush from waaaaaaay back in the day. I really wanted the same feel and aesthetic as the original with just some slight modern tweaks.

That said, rather than do the resin handle in green and ivory like the original was, I opted to give the ivory part a patina type finish. This is actually the same state the color now is on the original in my collection. It really, REALLY adds to the weight of history you automatically feel when holding and using this bad boy!

As for the Hybrid Tribble Synth Knot, I put an equal amount of time into it, if not more! In researching this brush I knew I wanted a high quality synthetic knot that would deliver but you would not need to baby. I mean, The Green Ray is certainly a looker, you are gonna want to take this with you everywhere and by using a durable synthetic knot you are able to do this worry free...but once again, I am getting ahead of myself!

It's pretty safe to say that Synth knots have really come a long way and have really, REALLY made some strides in their overall feel and performance in the past few years. I have been told by many of my customers that our Synths have replaced many of their beloved animal hair brushes, if that tells you anything.

Test knots consisted of bulbs and fans. Eventually I stumbled upon two of the Tribble Synth specimens, one Fan & one Bulb. It was a tough call, so much so I reached out to the manufacturer and asked that they create a hybrid of the two for me to test.

BOOM, best of both worlds blended! The new hybrid rated higher than all the other knots by a huge margin. In short, it checked off all the boxes: Super Soft tips, just the right amount of backbone, a fanning splay yet retained some punchiness, reminiscent of a horse hair knot but didn't tangle, great face latherer and great in a bowl or scuttle.

A really classy, Killer piece of shave tech for sure that any newb would be proud to own.

A Great Gift to Yourself or Anyone...Try Something Different!

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Nothing says Merry Christmas like our holiday classic, CANE!

It is year 4 folks for one of our all time, top holiday favorites, loved by pretty much everyone; men, women, elves, reindeer...and the toast of the town on the Island of Broken Toys! You can say it's a real crowd pleaser for sure.

Available in Deodorant, Star Jelly (Fun Size), Aftershave/Cologne and Artisan Shave Soap!

CANE Now in CK-6

Yeah, that kinda happened. We thought it just seemed right to deliver CANE this year in our NEW Ultra Premium CK-6 Formula. Not only because people have demanded it, but also unlike most, if not all, of our holiday specific scents, we found people use CANE all year round! It's true, there really is nothing more refreshing that whipping up some crisp, cool, CANE on a sweltering summer keep that in mind!

More Than Just Peppermint

With a name like CANE it's easy to assume this is straight up peppermint, but it's actually not! Granted, we did turn the peppermint all the way up but it's the dry down that is really special and where it truly begins to take shape; Cornmint, Rose, Talc, Bergamot, Oakmoss and a touch of Vetiver! If I were to classify it I would call it a crisp, winter fougère.

Cornmint not only adds to an already minty top note, but also lends a mild/light menthol kiss! Many consider this to be our Classic Barbershop scent CaDs Holiday Cousin, if that helps out. Fresh, Brisk and Festive.

Matured/Aged 1 Year

Those of you who are no stranger to Phoenix Shaving know that since year 2 we have always "steeped" our CANE splashes for one year, so this year is no different...but man do I always forget this before I pry open the vat! My eyes not only teared up with joy and nostalgia but also with that pure, potent burst of Christmas...undiluted. Lucky for you I still have to add the Peppermint Hydrosol to the blend to balance it out and cut a little of that wintery edge.

I should also add, the Peppermint Hydrosol was freshly made (distilled) by yours truly only two days ago! Nothing but the best for our loyal friends and customers. Honestly, this time of year is a lot of fun for us, I mean, it's still crazy busy but we make it fun. We approach our holiday offerings as grandma approaches her Christmas Cookies...minus the muumuu. (not that I don't own one)

CANE Fun Size Star Jelly?!?!

LOL, yeah this IS great news, no? Historically we often opted against creating holiday themed balms and Star Jelly just because we felt like it was too much and many were left with an almost full tube all year round. Not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you celebrate holidays rogue throughout the year, but for the average joe, we hit it, then quit it come January 2nd. Soooooo this year my friends, we decided to introduce a 2 ounce mini, "fun size" tube of holiday joy! Not only is it the perfect answer to the dilemma we were facing, it also makes for a perfect stocking stuffer!

CANE Deodorant?!?!?

Yes and YES! Since we introduced CANE years back folks, and this includes our female customers too, have been begging for a matching deodorant. The timing was always a little late for these requests but I made a note to remember this year, soooo BOOM, CANE Deodorant!

I have to admit, this stuff is good, so much so I may keep it available all year round...(Fran's giving me that look). So maybe, I'll keep it available all year round? (*Fran now shaking head) - Clearly Fran and I need to talk about this more but the simple, joyous fact is, CANE Deodorant is finally a thing and Available Right Now!

Have A Great Week Folks, Shave On & Merry Christmas!

[Try Something Different ~ Phoenix Shaving]

#PhoenixArtisanAccoutrements #PhoenixShaving #Cane

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We've reached the last month of 2018; named after the tenth month of the Roman calendar, December also refers to the middle goddess of the Three Fates, Decima, who personifies the present. On this date in 1971, Muhammad Ali saw a UFO while jogging in Central Park, and the first color photo of Earth was taken from the nose of a Thor missile launched from Kennedy Space Center over fifty years ago.

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New Releases ~ Limited Editions ~ Killer Sales

We guy live at Midnight Sunday (Tonight), Don't Miss It!

Note: Click on the Cyber Monday Sale button on our menu.

Happy Cyber Monday Folks & See Ya Soon!
#CyberMonday #PhoenixArtisanAccoutrements #PhoenixShaving

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Cyber Monday is HERE!

Greetings Friends, and a big Happy Holidays to you and yours! Man oh man, do we have some fun stuff in store for you today.

~ Limited Edition Classic Sci-Fi Mugs
~ Traditional Shaving Starter Kits
~ A Killer Eau De Parfum Sale
~ The Return of Creosote Aftershave
~ New Crown King & Phoenix Shirts on Sale
~ Classic Frog Blade Bank Sale
~ The Majestic 5 Sale (more about this below!)

Epic Starter Kits!

Looking to get friends and relatives into the hobby or just making a valiant effort to show them a better way? If so, this is the kit for you. Honestly, I really think this is the best gift of the season for anyone!

Fully self contained in a handsome, magnetic clasp gift box, it contains everything one needs to get started; 1 Symmetry Straight Bar Razor, 1 Two Ounce CK-6 Ultra Premium Shave Soap, 1 One Ounce Aftershave/Cologne, 1 Green Ray Tribble Hybrid Synth Shaving Brush, Instructions, and 2.5 months worth of blades! A $60 Value!

The Majestic 5

Dapper Doc's ~ High Jump 47 ~ Solstice ~ Red Planet ~ Speakeasy

From Star Jelly to Aftershave/Colognes, to EDPs and Shave Soaps. If it is one of the Majestic 5 take off 15% by using the discount code: Cyber15...simple as that!

These scents have really been some customer favorites over the years. I mean it, many a strange esoteric cult has formed around each...and that could only be good, right? So if you have yet to try one of these classics, scoop one up now and Save Big!

HUGE Eau De Parfum Sale!

It's true, if you are a fan of our EDPs or just curious, once again simply use the Discount Code: Cyber15 and BOOM...instant Savings!

Some other Highlights: Creosote is back for a moment but very limited by its nature! Frog Blade Banks on sale for $5.95, Some NEW T-shirt Designs Starting at $12! New Ugly Sweater Sweatshirts on offer! Special Limited Edition Classic Sci Fi Mugs and one more time....Killer Starter Kits that will really make an impression on that newb!

You've waited all year for this, Check It Out! Happy Holidays My Friends!

Shave On & Stay Groovy!

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Cyber Monday Just Began at Phoenix Shaving!!!! You are not going to want to miss this last day of sales!

Deals, Limited Edition Items and Kick Ass Starter Kits! All this and more! See ya there!

Shave On & Stay Groovy!

#CyberMonday #PhoenixShaving #PhoenixArtisanAccoutrements
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