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Part 8 - Vostok Station - 10:43 pm
Antarctica - February 15, 2012
77.5001° S, 106.0001° E

"Let he who dares disturb my eternal sleep
Die a thousand violent deaths,
May their bones be gnawed on by and scattered
by the shapeless guardian of the depths."

"Yes sir..." Doug thought out loud, "...that's a curse."

Fran and Doug both looked over Ivan's shoulders as he scrolled through photos of the glyphs, the translation, and other notes made during and after their initial recon on his laptop. It had been a couple of days now and the team really had not learned anything new on the creature. The Drones proved useless and caught nothing on their cameras, no sign of the creature. Doug and Fran requested that they have a deeper look at the curse.

"So as you can see, we have really been in the dark on this one." Said Ivan turning to look up at Doug.

"Always the best place to be Ivan." Said Doug and continued as he dusted pretzel crumbs off his shirt and Ivan's shoulder, "In the dark our eyes are open the widest! Might you have any bacon...and pretzels, we'll need more chilled pretzels!"

* * *

"What the hell was I thinking!" Screamed Douglas into the mouthpiece of the radio of the tiny, one person submersible that he now found himself in. The mini sub was wrapped in generous amounts of bacon with only it's yellow nose and propellers sticking out. Tentacles now wrapped themselves around the greasy craft and was pulling Doug back, he gunned it forward...though "gunned it" might be the wrong descriptor here since his only controls really were a joystick.

The vehicle was very high tech and AI assisted, any idiot could drive it, and it was very, VERY when Doug began wrapping the expeditions year supply of hickory smoked bacon around it, more than a few scientist became concerned...they also like bacon, a lot.

But it actually worked! Up until now, as Ivan pointed out, the submersible drones were not catching anything at all on video. It had been days and nothing...until Doug decided to go "fishing". Ivan's voice came calmly over Doug's headset, "Base to Pik Manmeri..." Doug insisted on this handle over the radio and after all the bacon, it did kinda still make sense. "What is going on, we have lost all video feeds!" Ivan's voice began to betray his previous calmness.

"Um yeah, kinda in the middle of something right now...might there be any weapons installed on the Yellow Submarine; mini torpedoes, lasers, machine guns, French ticklers?!?!" The radio went silent as Ivan thought. Weapons? This vehicle was designed for underwater exploration not battle...then he had an idea.

"Pik Manmari, there is an underwater acetylene torch feature. It too is AI assisted but we will over-ride that from up here in order for you to wield it as needed. Find the controls right side of the joystick under a red plastic panel, but..." Ivan was again speaking calmly into the headset.

Doug found the red panel and flipped it open, there were two levers and a toggle switch. He was going to have to learn this baby hands on. He flicked the toggle, the sub was suddenly bathed in tiny bubbles and a white light. Ivan was still talking, " sure to wear the tinted safety goggles before you throw the switch Pik Manmeri. I will now talk you through operations..."

Doug was pretty sure he was now blind however, all he saw was the searing flash of white that had burned itself onto his retinas. "Ahh..." Doug radioed back, "good to know now my friend." He took his headset off and began to control his breathing. He was going to have to approach this Jedi style...god how he hated Star Wars!

He listened, trying to sense where the creature was, which was really tough. The small craft was insulated really well, like a snow cave. All he could make out was the gentle engine hum and Ivan's faint voice escaping the headset that was now on the floor. The sub began to spin and that's when Doug's atrophied Atari reflexes came to life!

The torch arm extended out tearing and searing through the hickory smoked bacon, with heightened senses Doug caught a metaphysical whiff of Russian Hickory goodness.

"The Pig Man is ready to dance..."


Coming Shortly.

Time to try something different,

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54) Lavanille Is King

This 50/50 artisan shave was damn good! Lavanille is such a polarizing scent.

Looking back at my last couple of months shaves I’ve realized I’ve been reaching quite a bit for PAA razors. Kudos +Douglas Smythe! Don’t give up on making wonderful razors.

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#GourmetWeek #PunchyMonday #SOTD

Hopefully everyone knows this one: Aloha Smackdown, +Douglas Smythe 's tribute to Hawaiian Punch. It's vibrant and big, and the scent hangs out all day.

Did better with the boar today! No need to go back to the tub. Improvement!

Pressed the DOC into service this week. Expecting many happy shaves.

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Pre - None
Shave Soap - HTGAM Synergy
Razor - EJ89 with a 3d cut Black handle
Blade - Feather
Brush - Brushguy 24mm BOSS
Post - HTGAM Oubliette Aftershave and Ginger's Garden Aftershave Balm

Another good shave no nicks no cuts.

Have a good night wetshavers.

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Welcome Home Mr President
The President has just returned from his winter retreat in Phoenix, Camp Revamp, while his trusty bodyguard Mr Red Tip, got himself a nice tune up.

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Great Mail Call Day
From The Shaving Shop, Jason Valentine, and Brent Jacobson.

Now breaking in the brush to hope for gel tip on the Big Cypress knot in the Coolibah and ebony handle he created.

Thanks to Brent, JV, and the great people who make the community praise them from The Shaving Shop

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Shave of the Day:
Razor: West Coast Shaving 84BT
Blade: Astra SP (1)
Soap: West Coast Shaving No.9 Denali
Brush: Declaration Grooming Theodore B5
Post: Fine Snake Bite

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Brush: Brushcraft Synthetic
Blade: Hart Steel 6/8
Soap/AS: Ginger’s Garden Aventus

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Monday shave!

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Menthol Monday
Black licorice
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