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Mail Call from TVB Shaving - some nice smelling software. There were a couple other items (not shown) in the box for a couple friends. Everything arrived safely. Thanks!
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L&L Grooming + Chatillon Lux - Unconditional Surrender
Island Bladeworks "Bullwinkle" | TGN Finest
1912 Star | Gem PTFE (1)

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Brush: Rudy Vey Synthetic
Blade: Above the Tie R1
Soap: The Deal Maker (Shaving Shop)
AS: Fine Snake Bite 

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#sotd for 2.22.2017💈Mail call shave..


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Shave of the Day - February 21, 2017

Soap: Uncle Jon's Pipe Smoke Shaving Soap
Razor: Gillette New Long Comb
Blade: Polsilver Super Iridium
Brush: Stirling Synthetic
Post Shave: Uncle Jon's Pipe Smoke Aftershave

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Tobacco Tuesday on hold
Luckiest Guy in the World Shave
PAA La Tierra Mojado
Gem Clog Pruf
Gem Blue Carbon blade
Stirling Butterscotch
PAA La Tierra Mojado splash
The software a incredibly generous gift from a shave brother. I don't deserve it but all I can say is thank you. I don't want to embarrass you because you know who you are.
The scent is floral and earthy at the same time. The formula is so buttery you would swear it's tallow. Less than a 20 second load provided 3 passes and a clean up. The splash only secures PAA's position as the master of the splash. The dry down brings even more fragrance layers.
I hope to repay your generosity one day. 

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s ô t!d

Fine Italian Citrus soap & AS
iKon shavecraft razor
Semogue OC boar

OK, so Italian Citrus made a triumphant return to the Fine lineup. I used to have the original stuff. I never had a bottle of the short lived infamous reformulation. nor have I ever experienced ACTUAL AdP. so I basically have no idea what I'm talking about here.
How similar is it to the OG Fine IC ? I have no idea, it's been too long. so I can't meaningfully remark on that.
HERE'S MY DISCLOSURE/BIAS, and it needs to be said.
I also own a bottle of PAA's Acqua D and I like it a lot more. Compared to Aqua D the Fine Italian Citrus smells kind of metallic to my nose. The PAA's citrus note explodes and yet does not offend. If I were naive to the PAA offering I would undoubtedly esteem the Fine higher, but to me it just can't compete. Scents are so very subjective though, and there are likely innumerable people that would have the opposite preference. but I'm not them, I'm me.
despite all that, can I say anything positive about the Fine IC? Definitely. it is by no means bad, and you'll notice from the level of the bottle that I've been using it. The menthol cooool is just right, and the scent strength is right on target where I can wear it to work with no qualms and still be able to smell it on myself at the end of the day. All & all it's a worthy addition to the Fine catalog, and I'm sure those who have been pining for its return are psyched. But I have my personal favorites and for that reason I'm likely going to pass this along.
HOW ABOUT THE SOAP THEN? this is the first Fine soap I've used, I have an unopened American Blend puck in the waiting, they fit perfectly into my cement soap bowl which I love. The soap's fragrance matches the AS perfectly, and the performance of the soap leaves little to be desired. It's a good soap for the money and I'd unflinchingly recommend it to anyone looking for a triple milled style puck soap.
The iKon razor is a winner up and down. I got it in a trade to Don Navygoat a couple years ago now. it's just a fantastic piece of work. surprisingly, I find the open comb side to be milder than the straight bar side. but even the more aggressive side of it still sits squarely in the mild zone overall. it's perfect for me and you'd have to have some serious kompromat on me to successfully extort it away from my clutching clutches.
The semogue brush, what can I say that hasn't been said already? if you don't own one of these you're an idiot. ;)

Love to all,

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#023 2017 - 21 feb

BRUSH... Fine 20mm badger bristle

RAZOR...Muhle R41 w/ Gillette 7 o'clock SP (1)

SOAP... Deluxe Shaving Co. "Mods"

POST... Bruckell Instant Relief

SPLASH... British Sterling

Nice Tuesday evening den session....happy with every aspect!

Happy Hump Day!

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Tobacco Tuesday Night....
Soap; WTF Tobacco
Blade; "the Siren" by Portland Razor Co.
Brush; CK Rook synthetic
AS; Clubman's Original

Simple enough all that stuff = a great shave... I don't usually do tobacco Tuesday because I don't smoke and i'm afraid the after shave'll catch fire. Thank God the soap won't.. Love the scent Keep Shaving, My Friends!!!

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