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A Limited Amount of Purple Tips Are Back!

Whoah baby, it's back by extreme demand, The HTGAM Purple Tip! Branded with the Original HTGAM Logo and finished in purple Gunkote by Delta Echo! This handle will fit any standard razor head (1032 post) but especially the Symmetry!

That said, you may choose just the handle or a complete Symmetry Safety Razor; Open Comb or Straight Bar.

Balance and grippy barber pole knurling, everything the Original Purple Tips were known for! Now is your chance to go back in time and pick up this classic handle, limited quantities at this time so don't miss out!

Handle length: 3.5 88.9mm - Wt: 62 grams

Complete Razor Length: 3.75" - Wt 84 grams

Material: Brass & Chrome Plated, Purple Gunkote Tip

"Getting you in a lather Since 2012!"

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"If Tomorrow Never Comes", will she know I Shaved It Off In Boomtown...

#PhoenixArtisanAccoutrements #CrownKing #DouglasSmythe #HTGAM #PhoenixShaving #SOTD #GarthBrooks #ShaveItOff

"Boomtown" is everything "The Mad Scientist" said it was and then some. Love the scent, (Gun smoke, Leather, West Indie Bay Rum & more). Pairs very well with 'Tombstone". First time using the Star Jelly and it's off the hook! The bath soap is awesome too. Have a great weekend everyone.

Shave It Off!
Mac Jr. 4 MAC Sr.

"What you put into life is what you get out of it."
Clint Eastwood

PAA Tombstone shave soap, Boomtown bath soap (not shown), Star Jelly & ASC, DOC razor with Voskhod blade / CK SB-400, #2 brush & CK Travel Scuttle (not shown).

Looking for a DOC if anyone is selling one, I’m interested. Please reach out via hangouts if you could. Thanks everyone

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BRUSH...SKULLY 24mm Uber Soft by +Brent Jacobson

RAZOR...Phoenix Prismatic w/ ZAZA (1)

SOAP...DeLuxe Shaving “Dolce Vita”

POST...Brickell a/s balm

SOAP...Crown King “Agua Dulce”

A nice light fresh scent that hit the spot.....paired up very well with this versatile splash.
SKULLY was the star of the shave....continually performing at high levels.
The “Pris” with this blade is really nice for me....

Enjoy the weekend!

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Brush: Brushcraft Silvertip
Blade: Timeless Bronze OC
Soap/AS: Declaration Grooming Shore

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Groomatorium sent me some Reef Point!

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#ProrasoFriday #FloralFriday #SOTD #FrenchWeek

Preshave: Proraso White
Shaving Soap: Le Pere Lucien "Rose de Pushkar"
Razor: Phoenix Shaving Prismatic
Blade: Feather (5)
Brush: Muehle Silvertip Fibre
Aftershave: WSP "Rose"
EdP: Phoenix Shaving "Gondolier" (not pictured)

Managed to combine two themes today! LPL makes a lovely lather, even in my hard water.

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Proraso Friday!!!

Soap.....Proraso Green
Razor.....Symmetry straight bar
Brush.....45 pull pork special by Brent
AS...........Clubman LIME!
Today was a head and face shave using the same blade and razor for both. No cuts, no sweeps from a two past head and face. The feel is just fabulous. Outstanding equipment = great shave.

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A few months ago I found this display in an antique store. Iwasn't sure what I'd do with it at first. I decided to use it as it was intended. I keep my blades and several razors in here. I had to get a Fat Boy in the case since the center section was for just that. Ikeep my ABC razorzs here and a few others as well...
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